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Singing good is something you are born with

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Everyone has some sort of skill i think. But if you are doing something playing games/building/painting/singing/creating music and you know you are not good at it. It becomes a waste of time and energy atleast for me. I have thrown away my microphone and deleted all my music making apps from my computer and i feel much more free now. Trying to accomplish something you now you never gonna get good at is just a waste of time. I have come to terms i have no talent and i feel better about it. And also dont believe all these bullshit on Youtube that vocal coaches say like Robert Lunte or Ken Tamplin. They are just out after your money nothing more. 

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I think everyone can improve, but improve is very different from “become amazing”. I think you are right. In a one to one situation a teacher can work out your motivation: learning because it is fun, learning to become awesome. They can assess you and tell you if realistically can reach your goal etc. However, online it’s often a mass appeal, big pitch about ultimate goals achievement,  getting rich, being awesome etc and it isn’t fair. Part of being a teacher is trying to give pupils a realistic expectation of improvement, after all it is demanding of time and money.

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I wasn't particularly a good singer when I started as a kid but over the years, I have persistently searched for an understanding as to how the voice works; and it has turned me into a much better vocalist and musician, as a side effect. As much as you would like to believe that some are born with a singing voice and others cannot have one, it's not necessarily true.


Your body is fitted with an instrument that has the capability to take air molecules surrounding you and turn it into sound vibrations. It is also able to change the qualities of the sound like its volume, pitch and tonality. The voice intelligently uses various but specific parts of your body to achieve this. Your voice, much like another wind instrument, follows the rules of physics.


You already use this instrument every single day. To speak in your normal voice when things are normal. To increase your volume or speak quietly based on a particular situation. You produce high pitched sounds and change the tone of your voice from time to time as well, such as when you yawn or when you are nervous or stressed.


A lot of the muscular co-ordinations used in singing are already being used in one way or the other in your everyday life.  It is important to recognize that. Our difficulties in learning how to sing comes from our difficulty to let go of the way we speak. The sensations of speaking (using your chest register) is so ingrained in the body that we do not allow for the exploration of other types of sounds and sensations beyond it.


I can understand your frustration with the Youtube vocal coaches and the vocal exercises not being any useful. The problem is simply cuz many suggest exercises as if it's a pill that solves your inabilities and somehow magically transforms you into a beautiful singer. It's far from reality. The exercises could be useful tools but not without knowing what it's actually doing to your voice and how it's helping and works. Besides, practice doesn't make you perfect, practicing perfectly does.


So then, what does it really mean to learn how to sing? From my point of view, it's merely about discovering how to manipulate qualities of sound (volume, pitch and tonality) using the instrument given to you. Rest of the stuff like musicality, emotion, expression, style and all that can only come later once you know how to change these qualities comfortably. And when all of those other stuff do come then, it will do so with much more accuracy and confidence.


How can one learn to do this? Well, I recently did an AMA on my Instagram where someone asked me a similar question. Here what I had to say about that.











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Sometimes when I hear music, I like the fact that the singer isn't singing perfectly.

And - I love it when the singer sings as if he / she means the words with their heart.

I think you came to this conclusion from your own reasons, but it's not true that everybody on YouTube wants your money.

You have many good teachers and mentors, and of course many out there are looking for quick money.

But a teacher that is dedicating his life to teach, deserves some respect.


I'm happy for you that you found peacefulness in stopping the crazy race, I believe we should do what makes us feel good.

I see that you are very mature about it, and I admire this approach.


However, I feel like there is a tiny bit of hope somewhere between the lines, or else, why would you come to a community of people and tell them that you Quit?


If you need encouragement, I'd recommend you to be around positive people or follow positive people.


You might find your true calling by closing the singing doors, which might be incredible for you..

Or you might realize that you love yourself as is, and you use things like auto-tune or find a genre that is more chilled about your vocal abilities, such as rap etc.


Hope this helps,


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