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Songwriting advice

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Hey guy's it's Dayvon here from my experiance the best way u can begin Songwriting is to learn how to play either piano or guitar even at begginers level and this really help's you to connnect with the Music and be original.And you prefer not to then you can simply just use loops or samples and whatever sounds you like note them and see what idea's or feeling's u have when listening to them.And if youn haven't got the lyric's quite yet can just humm what you are feeling.I find some of the best song's happen when u hear/create a loop and then it remind's you of a reall life it experiance and you write your song around that it's very powerful and connect's with people really well because it's from you and it really happened to you so it has this genuine authenticity.But some song's can be fun aswell but i've noticed they are alway's linked to some experiance you've had or would like to have.You can hear some of my song's at this link


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I agree. however, I take a different approach - instead of loops, a whole song, but it depends on the genre. Hip/hop & rap has more loops to it, even though some rock songs use loops as well sometimes but it's not the song structure normally. Also, learning how to play an instrument can definitely help people. It's also fun.

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Well, for what it's worth ...


"Any 'song that you hear' was ... constructed."


In other words – "it never actually ... miraculously appeared" ... like Venus from that clam-shell.


Example: "Michelangelo's David" ... what is the one thing that you never see?  Yeah ... "Marble chips!" 😀


Yes, we'll never know the names of the craftsmen who spent who-knows how many hours, rubbing abrasive powder against the stone using however-many yards of cloth ...

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