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Introduce Someone New, That Isn’t You Thread….

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Hi Gang


We have an Introduce Yourself board…. I thought maybe an Introduce Someone New, That Isn’t You would be a good way to introduce your musical friends to Songstuff? If so, here’s a suggested bunch of things to include:


Who are they?

How do you know them?

What’s their musical/songwriting background?

How could Songstuff help them?

How could they contribute to the community?


Optional: Include a fun fact about them!





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On 12/6/2021 at 1:09 PM, VoiceEx said:

Another note worthy person I would like to mention is @Mind of Thorus! I don`t know him too well for now so I cannot elaborate as I did previously. However, he seems like a nice guy and he probably has potential to pick up momentum! I got my eye on you! 😅


His latest release "Flower in the Rain" can be found here (<-link) at the Showcase area. You can check out his profile for more information in regards to his musical activity! and much like @Popthree he is also a member of @Steve Mueske Club!



Thank you Voice Ex for your kind words 😊


Even though Voice EX is not new to this forum I would like to write something about him:


„How do you know them?“

I met VoiceEx here on Songstuff. He welcomed me here at songstuff a few weeks ago and also gave me some feedback on my songs. Also, we had some nice conversations in the chatbox.


"What’s their musical/songwriting background?"

VoiceEx has a really interesting musical/songwriting background. He is not considered a solo artist, but rather as a brand. He is an independent producer, composer, songwriter, recording artist, and even a video editor. 


"How could Songstuff help them?"

VoiceEx is not part of this forum for promotional purposes. He loves to chat with other persons and that's the reason why he is part of the songstuff community. 😊  


"How could they contribute to the community?"

He can not only contribute to the community with his great sense of humor, but he also has experience in producing, composing, songwriting, and recording 😊 


„fun fact:“

The best place to search for him is probably in the chatbox 😊

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