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Elton John - "Sad Songs" - Cover

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I play and sing Elton John - "Sad Songs" - Cover @Wonfoli Musical Elton John sings Sad songs in 1984. Sad Songs (Say So Much) is a nice song to cover easily. This song is exiting to play it on the piano in live music. In 2021, Elton John released cold heart song with Dua lipa. Amazing cover...Let's guess wich songs ?

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Was this your first recording/video, or one of many?  Either way, I imagine this project was a lot of fun to do. 


The following are MY personal opinions only ... and probably other would disagree.



  • The music track was well done - a high quality production
  • The song is a classic, and the cover works well as a duplication (vs  a re-interpretation or re-arrangement)
  • Did YOU do the backing track from scratch, or was it a third-party product?  (If the latter, it would have been good to see the attribution in the end credits).
  • You have a nicely-textured voice.  In this track, it rarely hit that top note properly. Transposing the arrangement down one or two semitones would have brought the arrangement right into your power zone.  Or else do what most of us do ... and auto-tune ... even if just on the weakest notes!  I've sat with an engineer friend who spent two hours fine-tuning a professional vocal that sounded great to me! So it is NOT cheating!  (I always fine-tune my own vocals, but only the really obvious faults before getting too bored with it all!)



This is a separate set of opinions depending on what I like doing/seeing in videos

  • Your 'staging' and camera angle was great and interesting BUT it became UN-interesting because it never changed ... you never look at the camera, you never smile, and you break the fourth wall of 'performance' by regularly taking your hand off the guitar (to turn the page?).
  • The lack of visual change/excitement instead focused my attention on the performance (miming) of both guitar and singing.   The miming was problematic throughout
  • One solution is to do multiple video takes (e.g. by musical section) and editing together the best ones, or else having multiple camera angles ... e.g. behind, or side, and switching angles to avoid the worst of the sync mistakes.
  • To avoid the whole miming/syncing issue, have a video with minimal (or no) 'performing' element.  E.g. you at the computer putting it together, with headphones on nodding to the beat, lost in thought while walking somewhere, third-party clips or stills.

OK. I have too much time on my hands! :)

You have real talent that, with very little extra time/effort, can be showcased at the next level.

I'll watch out for the next one.




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very cool.... nice job...enjoyed the cover

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