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  1. Great choice out of elton john, I'm a big fan of his past work like this song and razor face. As a listener I enjoyed it. I don't have any tech critic. It all flowed nicely to me.
  2. I've been playing around with covers lately. I did this one of No Rain. Turned out to be one of my better ones as far as my voice and the timing has gotten better. I still butchered it though haha. But I feel I'm getting a bit better compared to where I was.
  3. lovely song! great work. It allows the depth of the song to be discovered too as you listen.
  4. I suppose this is a finished song. It's a Tap-strum-strum song. Not much more I could do to it but improve voice and timing. But this would be pretty much the way I would do it. I record using a mic while playing mandolin. But for future recording what would be the way to go? Are the lyrics okay? Also, like blues or old folk doing live I'd probably arrange them naturally to the feel as I played. So, the lyrics may get arranged different each time. For a set recording and release are they okay the way they are written? Down in the valley is public domain. However different versions are copyrighted. Down in the Valley was the first song I learned so changing it up to something I related to made it fun. Over the Mountains, flying so high, late in the evening, look to the sky. look to the sky dear, look to the sky, late in the evening, look to the sky. Peaches love sunshine, muscadine too, angels in heaven, know I love you. Write me a letter, send it express, send it in care of, Fort Bennings address. If you don't love me, love whom you please, put your arms around me, give my heart ease. Give my heart ease, love, Give my heart ease. Put your arms around me, give my heart ease. Over the valley, valley so low, I see you below. I see you below dear, I see you below. Late in the evening, I see you below. Roses love sunshine, violets love dew, Mary in heaven knows I love you. All of heaven knows I love you, knows i love you dear, knows i love you.
  5. Cool song, like the feel, matches the lyrics. I'm just getting into music creation so my critique is as a listener, And I can honestly say I like it. It's got the vibe that is projected in the lyrics. Well done. You're missing a word in your lyric sheet posted with song on spotify. The word "know." I believe it's where you sing, "because you don't know, I'm just a puppet..." you left out "know." but I agree this could be a showcase song. This is well polished.
  6. I'm new, I'm learning mandolin. I enjoy the old folk songs. Christian Folk too, like "I'll fly Away." I adapt some while learning and it helps. My voice is pretty bad, and my playing is too! I'm learning though. I wrote a couple doing chords, but i can pick some like "Amazin grace," and "Down in the Valley" Which I adapted and made the song relatable to me. One version has it about a guy in jail, so i made it about a soldier. I got two originals at this time and point, "Dirty Blue Collar" and "The Sickness." I'll record them at home and strum the mandolin. I'll write a chord sheet and lyrics too and save them. I hope to have 20 like within a year or so. Then I'll fine tune them. Maybe some as I go. I'm learning other songs. Like "I'll fly away" and "Handsome Molly." taking lessons when I can as well. It's slow going, but I know more than I did before! I'd like to post some songs, maybe Ya'll can hear my potential.
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