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Hi, I'm Greg, I'm a new member

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Hi there everybody, my name is Greg Moran and I have just signed up to Songstuff. I see myself mainly as a songwriter, but I am 65 in July 2022, so I do not harbour any dreams of becoming famous. It's just something I do and enjoy. I do play guitar to an average level, but I tend to use music software to create my sound, mainly Band-in-a-box. I write in a number of styles, but my heart is fixed in rock music. I have recorded a number of collaboratory songs with other artists, and I have a long-time songwriting partner (Pete Watson) and, together, we write a lot of rock songs. Usually, Pete writes music to my lyrics, and sometimes he adds music to my own melodies.

I have been a member of Drooble for a number of years and have recorded over 100 songs as I have been developing my craft, particularly in the mixing arena, and I think I'm getting quite good, but I am a home recorder so the quality is never going to be tip-top.

I have been a regular reviewer of songs on Drooble, and have a 9 out of 10 feedback score. I am also a regular contributor to the community discussions, and have often been in the top contributors chart. I am looking forward to getting involved with Songstuff and meeting many of the members hear. 

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Hi Greg,


Welcome to Songstuff!  Great to have you join in with us.  Looking forward to your contributions and hearing some of your songs.


If you have any questions just ask. Have fun and see you around the boards.



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Hey Greg,


Welcome to Songstuff! It’s good to have you with us.


You mention you are a home recorder. What sort of set up do you have for a home studio?






PS you created a topic about songwriting on the Introduce Yourself board. I’ll move that to the Songwriting discussion board. That will help with topic participation and make it easier to find later.

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