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Trumpet in film music

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Hi!! I have to do sort of a thesis to finish my music study and i wanted to combine my two favorite things: cinema and music

having that sais, does anyone knows of a study, thesis, etc... on this topic? also if you know some pieces that have trumpet as the main instrument that would really help :)

If anyone can help me i would really appreciate it, thank u so much in advance

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Wow ... "cinema and music."  If these are two of your favorite things, then it should be fairly effortless to come up with a good thesis topic – but I don't think that an internet forum is the best place to start your search.


Instead of looking for someone else's work, I suggest that you begin by brainstorming the idea.  One crazy-sounding (except that it isn't crazy) is to open up a word-processor document and literally just start hammering out thesis-statement ideas: one sentence each.  Don't think about what you're writing and don't let up for at least twenty minutes. Let one "crazy idea" flow freely into the next one. Then, go back and look over what you have just written.  Can you highlight five that you might be able to "become fairly married-to over the next several weeks?"


Also:  work very closely with your professor.  Bounce your ideas off him or her.  Ask him or her for guidance, and then: listen closely.


Part of the exercise of "writing an open-ended thesis" is to decide what you want to write it about!


"No, it wasn't music," but I had a similar encounter in my college days:  I had to write a thesis on "applications of computer science in the 16th century."  And, believe it or not, with quite-a-bit of help I came up with a very good idea and did it.  But my professor – while he never actually suggested the idea – did give me a lot of very careful "nudging."  It was actually a fun thing to research ... this long, long before "the Internet days" ... and then to write.  (Yes, I used a word processor in those days instead of a typewriter, but just barely.)

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Giving you the answers might seem very easy for you, but you are asking people to do YOUR work for you. You are also asking people to help in a way that really doesn't help you. At all.


So, to actually help you, instead of giving you exactly what you asked for, I'll say what needs to be said. At some point you have to do the heavy lifting. If anyone else does the heavy lifting for you, then you will get zero benefit from it. I am happy to help discuss your ideas and thoughts, but if you are expecting to have a brilliant thesis where others do the hard work of "thinking" for you, I really wouldn't be helping. I wouldn't be doing you a favour.


The idea is simple. Make some observations. Have some questions. Answer them. To get started here I would suggest that YOU makes some observations, YOU come up with some questions and YOU answer the questions. We can then happily debate and fine tune what you have.

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To add to this ... Two of the most-thumbed paperbacks on my bookshelf concern the original Star Trek television series, and the travails of a screenwriter (David Gerrold: The Trouble With Tribbles) who sold his first television screenplay to them.


You all know that the "Starship Enterprise, commanded by Captain Kirk [originally: "Christopher Pike"], First Officer Spock, and so on, was on a five-year mission for the United Federation of Planets ... and that at one point they encountered tribbles."


But what you probably did not know is that every one of these things was concocted by the device of "hammering out words, one after another, without stopping, on a manual typewriter."  Then, choosing from all those crazy disorganized lines.


While at first glance this might have nothing to do with "an academic thesis topic," maybe the notion actually has merit.  Maybe.

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I'm guessing war movies would have lots of trumpet, or cornet, it being an instrument of the military, the Last Post and all that.


In fact, here's Montgomery Clift in From Here to Eternity playing the bugle in a jazz style:




Not trumpet but Round Midnight was a movie which starred sax player Dexter Gordon:



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One of my favorite soundtracks (and the movie as well)

PS. I use it as a reference track now among others.




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