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Concert violence.

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Cardi B is in the news again for her throwing her mic at someone who threw drink at her at concert.

shameful on the person for throwing the liquid at her on stage. It turns out (according to bbc news report )that Cardi B was seen earlier asking a audience person to throw something at her while she was on stage but to throw it at her back .The report said Cardi B was upset that a different person in the crowd threw something and hit her in the face !!

PR stunt ?

The BBC report wondered if she was lip syncing as the voice of singer was still loud and clear over the speakers even though she had no mic.




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2 hours ago, buckoff said:

all them stars got drama like that




I often wonder, is this a publicity stunt? It's not just in the music industry.  Even with "causes", sports, politicians, actors. I rarely believe incidents exactly how they are reported. Although, some are probably real and spontaneous. Seems many just jump on the initial incident for pub or need an incident to get attention.


Now, we've seen this rise in reporting of on stage incidents..

Starting with the slap at the Oscars..


Performers might need to go behind fenced stages to perform ... like in that old Blues  brothers movie.. just kidding :)



.. then boom.. Teddy Swims picks up the phone thrown on stage and takes a selfie and tosses the phone back. Fans go nuts.

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As you say @buckoff "press is press"


Decades of throwing undies on stage.. and can't forget those musicians throwing their undies off stage..


Then there was the musician diving off stage to be caught by the audience.. and audience members jumping on stage..



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2 minutes ago, buckoff said:

right , I doubt James Talyor is getting girls throwing their painties on stage , its only 40 year old country stars singing about having sex in a truck 

It's not new.. Elvis, Tom Jones, the Beatles probably even Frank Sinatra 

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Thought just occurred to me that some of this is the audience member, that throws these things, are doing it for attention.  The incidents go viral and they're now "stars", too.  

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Varitey.com reporting today that a person from the Cardi B audience has filed a battery charge against her over.the mic incident.


l saw the video, someone caught that mic really full on.


The report doesnt yet know if it was the person who threw the drink, who onlookers said had apologized right away before being escorted out by security.


yes, not new trend, my husband been to quite a few concerts where some in audience threw missiles. One at Thin Lizzy concert in the 70's when show only 5 mins in and support band lead singer got hit by bottle full in face. Band had to stop.


l'v never felt safe at concerts. First concert l went too was a Status Quo,  in the 70's,  back then no crowd control at all. l was being hemmed in by a massive crowd, got separated from my husband. Im a tiny 4ft 11 and a group of skinheads saved me. Hubby says crowd control is still not that good at front of concerts.


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I remember when Oasis stopped a Glashow Barrowlands gig and walked off after Liam was hit by a water bottle. I knew they'd had it happen before, so they had it written into contracts that they retained the right to walk. After a page full of complaints in the local paper, I wrote in to say fans' issues should be with the promoter, who signed the contract and was responsible for security. Unfortunately, a guitarist who played with my band occasionally as a dep also worked for the promoter. The paper was laid down in front of him and he was told, "No more gigs for them." So apparently not accepting that responsibility.


I was once rugby-tackled into the drums at a gig, where the crowd was right in front of us and the stage was only 6" high. Not being big and famous, we didn't get security. The bloke disappeared as quickly as it happened. Our guitarist actually met him at a party sometime later and he said he was very sorry, he just wanted to be part of it. I suggested Mark Chapman killed John Lennon for a similar feeling, so a narrow escape for me, I feel.

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