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Check out this poll I started on this certain site. I don't expect you to join up, just look at the poll, return here, and give your answer.



Poll location--> [ftp]http://songplanet.com/forums/viewtopic.php?t=1369[/ftp]

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I agree with most of your method, I won't reply if it's not my bag or "beyond saving" in my humble opinion, but if I think it's worth something I will try to offer suggestions to improve on it in the public forum. If you ask for a review you have to understand, you may not like the answer. On MP3.com I think alot of the requests for reviews was generated in an effort to get as many spins as possible, here I think it is different. I think some people blow Sunshine to make Friends, not here, but in general. I would not base a Friendship on whether or not you like my Music.

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Hi Tom,

I voted in the poll (I'm a member of SongPlanet, too).

I voted "pass on replying to the thread" as something general, but (as usual in a poll) your question does not cover all the circumstances, so I will elaborate a little.

The questions was: "When an artist posts a song..."

which is not the same as "when an artist ask for a review". In which case, I'm more likely to write some "negative" comments. I do agree with John that reviews here are very different from OMD's, where review usually means "I want spin".

tell them it's great even though I know that not to be true

I never do that. It may happen that I comment on things I like in a song, and say nothing about the rest.

pass on replying to the thread

This was my vote.

post something no matter how negative it is?

This is something I don't do publicly.

PM the artists and give my honest, yet constuctive criticism

This is what I do when I have been in email contact with the artist first, but it all depends on the artist. Some I know want my opinion.

And, finally: Yes, Tom, your poll is great  ;D


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tom its all true

maybe john should adopt a slogan

"this aint a site for bum kissing"

nobody learns if they are not told whats right and wrong witin context

ive learnt a lot sorry massive amount from u guys in how to change direction from poetry to lyrics

im still young at this game but im enjoying the challenge ..john..rudi..mr nightwolf..alistair and everyone else who has made suggegestions for my lyrics..thanx

i hope to improve as writing is all i have

u guys can do both ..music and lyrics

im forever lookin up 2 u lot

the only reason i joined here was to hear a netrual comment on the subject..this is the only site i have had it

its refreshing

it's helpfull

cheers guys



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Er nigel

Going with the flow, you could do with working on your spelling ;)




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I only gave you good people one of the sites I posted my poll at. There were actually 3 others. With a total of 57 choosing to participate. (Not Ampcast cause I already know who's kissing ass and who isn't there.) Come to think of it, even the ass kissing is at an all time low there lately! Haha!

Anyway, I've learned several things.

1. Only a couple of people actually admitted to saying they kissed ass. Bravo to them.

2. Some even kissed my ass within those polls! To those people all I can say is, "Geez people, have some dignity!"

3. Alot of "readers" never bothered to click any of the choices which leads me to believe they couldn't get themselves to admit they kissed ass, or, they didn't want to classify themselves when they had more kissing to do. Haha!

4. Some who picked other answers and got back to me as to why, were truely the type of people I respect. You know who you are, and why I think that way.  :)

5. People hate polls.

Bottom line, from this small poll the averages tend to show that "out there" the majority of artists only say what they think others want to hear.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. This place is so refreshing!!!!

Carry on,


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i dint voat. dis iz b-coz i is indie-vitual. iz tom d nighcest bloak indie wurld? KNOW! e's jusnot indie-vitual enuf.

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Shtop talkink dat vay!

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