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Free Copyright Protection For Ascap Members Via Mywerx

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MyWerx and ASCAP have joined forces to provide ASCAP members with 600 MB of FREE Copyright Protection through its WerxProof service.

MyWerx copyright management platform provides songwriters with WerxPost, a free database for managing their creative work, and WerxConnect, a social network connecting Creators and their collaborators to their work. The MyWerx web application and iPhone application deliver the best possible proof that you are the creator of your works. The evidence includes geolocation (where you were when you created it), dates and time stamps, who you created it with, and multiple copies of the work are easily stored and shared as the work develops.

MyWerx provides Life Cycle Copyright Management solutions. MyWerx patent pending technology is a platform that makes it simple for creators to manage their works in one location for free, coupled with a subscription based copyright protection service. The platform keeps all interested parties in a work up-to-date in real time.

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