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  1. I have found that it's usually best to wait on a sale to get the best deals on music software. I'll admit Sonar is an expensive proposition to break into initially at 499.00 dollars. After that it gets less painful. Compared to Reaper at 60.00 , Studio One at 399.00 and a few others at that same price point 499. 00 is admittedly on the higher end of this. Sonar isn't alone as there are a few more where the price of admission is steep. I think it is a good value though considering if you like to mix a lot or are mixing for others for hours on end you want something that works well and is full featured. There is a current sale on from Cakewalk that steeply lowers the price of admission by 100.00. Use code GROUP to get it foe 335.16 here: https://www.jrrshop.com/cakewalk-sonar-platinum http://www.cakewalk.com/Products/SONAR/Whats-New#2017.05 For 399.00 you get one of the most professional and powerful daw programs out there. You own this with no strings attached, however updates are additional after a year. Don't forget though, there are occasional sales on the update packages. It's a really great time to bake songs in Cakewalk Sonar!
  2. So I've been a part time user of Studio One for some time now with my last version being 2.5. I had no real reason to change what I was using, but occasionally a new thing will come along that I just cant ignore. Presonus has been making some interesting changes recently to Studio One Professional. The first big one I noticed this past year was the addition of the arranger. The closer you look at this function the better it gets. DAWs have always been able to shift audio around in chunks for arranging purposes. What is different here is the way they have designed the workflow to enable you to move large portions of audio around all at once very easily. Basically you determine which parts of the song you wish to arrange and give them labels. The most common being verse, chorus, break, pre chorus. Once labeled you can move them anywhere with seamless perfection in any order in your song with any number of repetitions. Let's say you want another verse or you don't like where the solo is and you want to move things around. You have 100 tracks you say????!!!!. It couldn't be easier to do in Studio One 3.5. The closest I can come to that in Sonar is I can ripple edit tracks and songs. Not quite as intuitive. I have the matix view which is very similar to Ableton in how it works. So I can do it, but not as easily. The second big thing is latency compensation. They have devised a way to reduce both audio effects and software instrument latency using a new native approach that cuts milliseconds off of latency. As far as I know no other DAW has this. Yes others can set their buffers, but the two are different animals. The new setup has a work around to systems that were held back by a slower internal routing scheme or slower hardware. It is still dependent on your Cpu and interface to some extent, yet it can breathe some life into an older interface. When used with a thunderbolt interface it can scream. I was able to get my old Presonus Firetube studio down to 3ms and 64 buffers. I haven't had the chance to really test it yet, but on paper it looks really good. I just purchased an upgrade from 2.5 to the most recent 3.5 version. Older version won't have this feature. I'll still probably track in Sonar because it's very easy to get good takes using it. Part of that has to do with my eyes liking the graphics and work flow of Sonar. From then on though I'm no longer so sure. SO seems to be leading the pack overall and that's hard for me to say as a partial Cakewalk Fanboy. The tools and layout in Studio One are better for mastering. It's cross platform which doesn't usually concern me as a PC user, however it also means I can share files cross platform. Friends with SO who have a Mac..no problem. If you own a few decent daws you likely really don't need any more plug ins since both Sonar and Studio One are loaded with juicy well done plug ins. I still get the 3rd party ones I think will be helpful. Studio one is tied very well to their Presonus interfaces which takes the quess work out of configuring an interface is using these compatible products. I can'y say the same about Cakewalk with respect to Tascam. Yes almost all interfaces will work in Sonar. It isn't the same as having an interface with control written into the daw. It would only make sense to upgrade my next interface from Presonus. If you get the chance check it out. http://www.presonus.com/press/press-releases/Studio-One-35
  3. Man I had forgotten about this thread. I type way too much.
  4. In my opinion this is up to you.
  5. Every week Melda has a sale offering 4 of their plug ins for 50% off. https://www.meldaproduction.com/ MCompare is one of the plugs on offer. A good A/B tool . Lets you compare a selected commercial mix to your mix. If you ever wanted it now is a good time to buy it.
  6. Wow talk about reviving an old post! Good subject though. My .00002 is this- I haven't found a metronome yet that can add swing. Swing is where the groove is much of the time. Playing swing to a metronome can be difficult because you're playing slightly off the beat. Even midi with a programmed swing can sound mechanical. This is why I opt for a real drum track on material that usually has swing in it like R&B. The drum track can be "pulled in" to a close timing with audio stretch technology. All drummers tend to drift some over time. One of the recent challenges I've had has been taking a vocal with no music and adding a beat to it. In that case I tapped a tempo into my DAW software and then I had a tempo I could map to. I take music lessons on violin and my teacher is always recommending I use a metronome. For classical music it seems to be a necessity. It seems to help, but I can't do it for long and stay sane. I would rather tap my foot.
  7. I'm glad you got it Richard. Yes that's a huge package. I suspect it will take some time to download it all. You won't be sorry. You're gonna love Neutron as well.Can't really go wrong there. I think I really goofed in ordering the wrong package from AIR. They aren't getting back to me. I'm tempted to order the right thing. I'll loose 60 more quid. It's still a deal since individually programs like Velvet and Structure sell for a lot of money. From their end I understand. They are the middle man so they need to contact AIR and try to straighten the whole mess out for a difference of less than 15.00. Not really worth the effort for them. I'll be interested to see how well Structure plays Kontakt samples. The biggest differences are probably the scripting. I'll be pleasantly surprised if it still retains that.
  8. $50.40 at JRR with code GROUP https://www.jrrshop.com/air-music-tech-air-instrument-expansion-pack-3-select-upgrade This is an arsenal of synths and presets for a really good price. If you bought Hybrid 3 on sale a few months back when I listed it, you can get into this deal, or if you already own an AIR instrument you qualify!
  9. Bass guitar application. A collection of amp sims patterned from famous bass amps. They can't use the real names for legal reasons. The skins should give you a good idea. On sale $ 39.99. https://www.audiodeluxe.com/products/ik-multimedia-ampeg-svx?mc_cid=e0216b41cf&mc_eid=08fe0779bc
  10. Not sure if this makes any sense to you. Sometimes the emotional aspect of the music moves me to such a degree that the words become secondary. More like complimentary. The music takes the lyric to a place that seems to make sense even if it doesn't make sense. I'm kid of analytical , so while I'm attempting to analyze it, I'm also digging it at another level. I also like to hear a good interesting story too. Because of the condensed way we are trained to listen to modern music , the details of the story usually need to come and go in 3-5 minutes. For someone who likes to write long poems this is a real challenge I think. And then there's the long lyrics that still don't get you to a place of resolve.
  11. I liked Pinterest after I got past all the recipes. I'll check this out.
  12. Correction , link is for the "select upgrade" Here's a link to the "complete upgrade" for not much more money you get a lot more. FYI !!! I wasn't aware of the "complete" sale until I already ordered the "select" package. I believe jrrshop will bill me the difference for an upgrade. Don't make the same mistake. https://www.jrrshop.com/air-music-tech-air-instrument-expansion-pack-complete-upgrade
  13. I keep my sounds on a separate internal hard drive and that has worked well. I built my own computer. I'm not sure how it would go streaming off of the included HDD. If the specs show it's a 5500rpm instead of a 7200 rpm, then it's only a basic small hdd and probably not suited the best for live streaming. I have not tried it so I'm probably not qualified to give you a decent answer. Good luck!
  14. Ends July 2nd. There's a reason they call it Komplete and ship it out on a separate hard drive. It is a HUGE collection of pretty much anything you would ever use for computer composed music. Check it out here- Komplete Ultimate 11 Update
  15. Glad you landed a decent deal Richard! I did a similar thing and waited until a black Friday sale to buy a copy of Komplete Ultimate upgraded from Komplete Basic. I wait for sales on updates. For me an upgrade makes more sense every year or two since they only add a few programs each upgrade. I let the programs accumulate until upgrading makes more sense. AIR Music technologies is a competitor. Their packages are less expensive. I just picked up a collection of sounds from them which I posted here as a sale for under 50.00 US Dollars. A whole package for less than one program from NI. I wouldn't compare as equal head to head, but they offer a lot of great sounds and synths for a great price.
  16. I have heard a lot of good reviews of the AKG C414. There are so many types of the C414 it almost gets confusing. I'm not sure what the "B ULS" is. A fairly expensive mic if compared to basic home studio mics. Definitely a better mic and worth the extra money if reviews are any indication with Ray's recommendation further supporting this. The AKG C214 uses the same capsule as the C414 and is less expensive. Not sure what the trade off in quality is. I was never able to try my mics before I bought them, so it was a bit of a gamble sometimes trying to locate one I liked. I did some research and usually ended up with what I wanted, but a few times I got a mic I didn't like as much. There weren't any I hated, but some bring out certain characteristics better than others. I generally prefer a frequency flat mic and don't like anything to be hyped or truncated. I can always work with that ITB, but that's me.
  17. Angst is only angst if you let it be angst. I sense the pressure in the post. As they say, "Water under the bridge". We can't control others or even half of what happens to us. We can control how we deal with it. No matter where you go personality conflict is inevitable. I would ask myself objectively, Do I want to be with these people? Are they good for me and am I good for them? Bad days will happen. It could have been much much worse. I don't think there is a halfway here. It must be either we continue in force or we don't. If there are reservations, it's a big world and there are plenty of other options. You seem very perceptive of the situation and the people, but the view seems doomed. I think you have all you need to decide. I've had bad days. Haven't we all?
  18. Word has it this deal has been extended 30 days. Might end up being a 4 for 1. http://www.ikmultimedia.com/trgb/
  19. IK Multimedia T-RackS Singles Group Buy From May 9th through May 31st, 2017 Purchase and register any T-RackS processor and/or Lurssen Mastering Console and get 1 more of equal or lesser value FREE. Plus, get another FREE processor when 500 people participate! https://www.jrrshop.com/features/ik-t-racks-group-buy I've gotten some really great plug ins this way in the past.. Chances are they will hit the 500 mark. That's three plug ins for the price of one! Here's the counter. I believe this promo will go to 1000. If i were betting man. http://www.ikmultimedia.com/trgb/
  20. Just curious Tom,why open backs in the studio? I've used closed backs for years. Maybe I would benefit from closed backs. Welcome Ray! Thanks for jumping in the thread and commenting. Anyone who read through the entire thread deserves an award.
  21. It can be difficult to mix a song that will sound good on all music systems. It might sound good on one system and not as good on another system. According to this link the most common way people listen to music is over computer speakers. Since the link is getting older things may have changed. If anything more people are using bluetooth devices. This might be a good reason to look at the effects of audio going over a bluetooth stream. https://www.strategyanalytics.com/strategy-analytics/news/strategy-analytics-press-releases/strategy-analytics-press-release/2015/12/17/computer-speakers-now-most-popular-way-people-listen-to-music#.WN5c9G_yuUk One thing the study doesn't indicate is the quality of the gear used. Head phones can be anything from a 5 dollar set of earbuds to a high end set of IEMs. The same can be said of computer speakers. If the track wasn't monitored with a good system, how will you know if it sounds good played back on one? I suspect that usually a "rule of thumb" approach is used to determine generalities such as, Laptops usually have cheap tinny speakers that have mostly midrange playback. Bass is almost non existent unless you can mix a little pop in the mids. Playing a tune on an iphone speaker is going to be mono and mid rangy, so the mix needs to sound solid in mono and stereo. This also applies to devices like Alexa that stream in mono. If all of your mix is panned the mono mix will suck big time. No matter what you do you'll loose a lot of the hard work you did on tracks played on these types of setups. We usually perceive reverb and space in general differently on headphones than we do on an open system.The tough thing for the engineer is to mix for everyone. Computer speakers are hard to pin down on quality. Many people who buy a new computer had the speakers thrown in on the deal. Most never consider the quality. I'm just curious what you commonly listen to music on? Please give the type of device. I'll start out with what I usually listen on. At home casual- Alexa streaming Pandora In the studio- JBL LSR305s Headphones- Audio Technica M50x In the office- Boston Acoustics BA635 system earbuds- Yurbuds- Ironman Another topic for future maybe- Why do some people prefer sharp crispy music and some like a more bass less highs sound? Hearing loss?
  22. Cakewalk has recently been working on a subset of plug ins called "engineering plug ins". These are heavy duty hard hitting plugs designed to fill a gap that existed between mixing plug ins and the mastering plug ins similar to Ozone. While generally heavier cpu usage is expected , the usage so far has been less than similar product with the same or near equal performance. The Engineering suite of plug ins does not need Sonar to work and can be purchased separately. They are included free to those who own Platinum and are eligible for the regular updates. The adaptive limiter is intended to be a hard hitting, yet transparent limiter. IOW you won't ever know the material was limited. I've been trying this out and I have to say I no longer believe I'll need The Stealth Limiter I had my eye on from IK. It's a good limiter too, but this one os just as good. Here's some feedback on using it to improve an Mp3. http://forum.cakewalk.com/MP3-Preview-in-the-Adaptive-Limiter-Way-Cool-m3610947.aspx
  23. Since I have one of the most common last names in the world in being a Smith, I didn't want to use that name. I am only now just beginning ti partially like my first name. All of the Tim's I've known were shy and whimpy. I know that's a stereotype, but I have never wanted to be in that group. Not much we can do about our first names though. I believe I'll one day rise like a small star to my maker who is the biggest star. I liked star because the astrological comparison to the larger heavenly bodies kind of puts me where I belong in the chain of things. Of course this is all figurative speech since stars don't really rise in that sense. No more than the sun rises. Only after I picked the name did I think about how someone else might view it. Could come off cocky, like I think I'm a star like the movie stars and I'm rising. I also learned that Satan is referenced as a star that fell. In one sense he wants his star to rise again. I didn't want any association with any of that. One of my songs- " Heights Of Zaphon" a synth track alludes to this. Zaphon is both a real place and a mystical place. Much like the way the American Indians give themselves names I chose my name. I am a star that will one day meet with the other stars "starise" who will see Chief " Big Star".
  24. I'll never be fed up with you my friend. It's just corny droll humor. The only kind I know how to make.
  25. OK this just jumped from buy one get one into buy one get TWO. Don't let this one get away if you can help it. Of particular interest to me is the Stealth limiter and the Lurssen. I already have most of the others. The limiters and the clipper are well worth the asking price. I haven't jumped in yet since I already have a few decent mastering limiters and Ozone 7 Advanced for mastering.......still....Lurssen has some killer presets and offers a function that exports specifically for iTunes. If you planned to master and use iTunes and don't want to pay a mastering engineer...welllllllll. And don't forget, if you already bought from IK you have credits you can apply.