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  1. That's 19.99 in UK currency. Works out to around 22.00 US. Can try the limited demo download. Need full version of Kontakt. Coming in at 4gb. Nice looking GUI. If you compose Trap ,Hip Hop, Urban or House this was designed for you. The umbrella will close in 5 more hours from now.
  2. It can be difficult to mix a song that will sound good on all music systems. It might sound good on one system and not as good on another system. According to this link the most common way people listen to music is over computer speakers. Since the link is getting older things may have changed. If anything more people are using bluetooth devices. This might be a good reason to look at the effects of audio going over a bluetooth stream. One thing the study doesn't indicate is the quality of the gear used. Head phones can be anything from a 5 dollar set of earbuds to a high end set of IEMs. The same can be said of computer speakers. If the track wasn't monitored with a good system, how will you know if it sounds good played back on one? I suspect that usually a "rule of thumb" approach is used to determine generalities such as, Laptops usually have cheap tinny speakers that have mostly midrange playback. Bass is almost non existent unless you can mix a little pop in the mids. Playing a tune on an iphone speaker is going to be mono and mid rangy, so the mix needs to sound solid in mono and stereo. This also applies to devices like Alexa that stream in mono. If all of your mix is panned the mono mix will suck big time. No matter what you do you'll loose a lot of the hard work you did on tracks played on these types of setups. We usually perceive reverb and space in general differently on headphones than we do on an open system.The tough thing for the engineer is to mix for everyone. Computer speakers are hard to pin down on quality. Many people who buy a new computer had the speakers thrown in on the deal. Most never consider the quality. I'm just curious what you commonly listen to music on? Please give the type of device. I'll start out with what I usually listen on. At home casual- Alexa streaming Pandora In the studio- JBL LSR305s Headphones- Audio Technica M50x In the office- Boston Acoustics BA635 system earbuds- Yurbuds- Ironman Another topic for future maybe- Why do some people prefer sharp crispy music and some like a more bass less highs sound? Hearing loss?
  3. I didn't know this existed. * * * * Any day they aren't being thrown is a good day.:P
  4. Regular 9.99 FREE until April 30th.
  5. I thought a demo was only temporary. What's the catch? I don't think it would harm you to try Lethal if you have the disk space. Looks to be a great little synth.
  6. Wow. That doesn't happen every day. If I showed up in Philadelphia with a truck load of beer and said i needed to get rid of it, I would probably be mobbed Just put a FREE BEER sign up there. Probably should run after you do that. Symphonious7 those are some great thoughts and perspectives. I get the general feeling that there isn't much air in the sails of the younger generation. What you say seems to re enforce that notion. I sometimes wonder if it's the tech as Just1L mentioned that's a real contributor to that. I have Amish neighbors on both sides of me. I'll try to be brief. They don't have electricity.They live life with almost no technology. I was in an Amish hardware store the other day and the intercom system was a 2" PVC pipe that came right to the cash register and ran from there all the way to the back of the store. When the clerk wanted something she would squeeze the bulb of a bike horn into the pipe and talk into it where "Amos" could hear and respond. It was kinda funny- " BEEP BEEP" we need a bag of mulch. I see a lot of things living in a strongly Amish community. I notice a HUGE contrast compared to the mindset of the typical English American young person. One of my neighbors is 22 years old and married. He just moved in. I kid you not in only three weeks he has- Ran a new fence, built a horse barn, cleared his land, moved a large shed to another location, moved a very large bush. He has a day job too. He's a stone mason. During that same amount of time a 22 year old english youth somewhere sat in front of the TV and ate Cheetos while checking his homies out on the phone.See the difference?
  7. I guess this is moot for me. I seldom eat breakfast. Sometimes on the weekend I'll make em' with toast sunny side up. That might change. I'm probably building a chicken house for my wife.
  8. I guess expensive is a relative term. That doesn't seem out of line for a pro guitar. Expensive compared to my Epi MCE500 , yet not really expensive considering the materials and construction. You're talking to a guy who almost bought a Martin Mahogany guitar partially because of the smell. To me there's something I like about the woods. I admit it's a primal thing. For the same reason I didn't look seriously at the Ovations. No direct comparison to the Rainsong other than the materials not being wood. I have a half dozen violin bows. Three are either fiberglass or carbon fiber. I keep going back to the wood bows even though the carbon fiber is better. It's a caveman hang up. I guess I need to sell the horse.
  9. I've been shopping for another guitar and I really like the Martin guitars. They are simple, yet very attractive, well made and feel comfortable to play. So far I've only played the smaller body style which works really well for recording. I don't think I would like the retro tinny sound of some early parlor guitars. I like a smaller body with a decent sound and projection. Right now I play a Martin X series which is the lower of their product line. You wouldn't know it though. I think the sound is comparable to the more expensive Martins. Not quite the same but very close. The basic design is the same on the DX except they use a composite for the neck and sides. You probably wouldn't ever know if you didn't look. The tuners probably aren't quite as good as the high end Martins. The fingerboard isn't ebony, but once again, this doesn't affect how it plays. They most certainly plek'd my guitar. The setup is great. Stays in tune . I have used it in all of my recent recordings. I over compensated in some of the recordings and removed too much bass. The bass is there though. In spades if you want it. Moving on up to a better guitar you get things like ebony fingerboard, bone nut, good tuners, better woods. People have complained about the composite woods. I personally haven't had any issues with them. They make boats out of the stuff. Nuff said. If Martin thought it was good enough to put their name on it, I was willing to give it a shot and I haven't been sorry. I have looked at the Martin 000-15M all mahogany guitar. Probably falls somewhere in their mid range. List around 1400.00 US. It has the kind of soft tone I think I'm after for celtic/acoustic music.Since I'm a finger picker this might not be the guitar you're after. These guitars get great reviews as folk music guitars. The finish does ding easily though. Beautiful guitars that have that mahogany smell and are great all around players. They have a nice neutral solid, yet not too over bearing sound. There are some other companies out there making mahogany guitars, but they don't get the raves the 000-15M gets. The only con for me is the lack of electronic pickup. Since I play it out I might use the Martin X as my 'play out guitar' and the other guitar as a recording guitar. Aside from Martin, Taylor makes some excellent guitars and would likely be a second choice aside from the lesser known high ended models I probably can't afford.I realize that in buying one of these guitars you probably pay a small amount for name recognition. You also get an excellent guitar. The problem is I like every other guitar I look at. The Epiphone Masterbuilt acoustic is a lot of bang for the buck.That guitar might be too much cannon for my style of music. Seems to be one of the best values there are in terms of an all around player guitar. Solid. The only reason that guitar isn't 3000.00 is because Epiphone is considered to be a second to Gibson and it's made in Indonesia. Most people who buy one compare it to something like a nice Taylor. Gibson is over priced on name recognition IMO. Buy an Epiphone and have some work done on it, you basically have a Gibson or better. Ibanez Artwood series..meh. I'm not overly impressed.Seagull, Guild. All seem to have lost some traction in quality over time. What are your thoughts?
  10. You get 100% of this plug in for 50% of the typical cost.This won't last forever. EQ's are not all created equal. The "dynamic" in the name means that this plug in can either accentuate or trunciate selected frequencies based on signal input at the set frequency.. Comparing a dynamic EQ to a run of the mill EQ is like comparing goldfish to sharks. A decent dynamic EQ is a must in any serious mixers toolbox. This is such an EQ. There are others of course, but this one is on sale! I have it, so I can vouch for it. There are similar plug ins costing hundreds more that do essentially the same thing.
  11. Rudi could you say that with a straight face?
  12. I think this points to the fact that people can be sold on something based on a perception. The placebo effect?
  13. Rob, it's all good man. No need to apologize. Thanks for your thoughts. Hi symphonious7, sorry I haven't met you yet. I really should get around to the meet and greet area. Honestly, the reason I don't is I'm not the best at greeting folk. WELCOME! Thanks for your comments. I was very young back in the 70's, but I still remember it. Here's my take on that time period. People were focused around music in the same way they're focused today on portable electronic devices ,wide screen TV's and video games. Back then it was one small black and white TV. We didn't get color until later, you only picked up maybe three channels on an antennae. The picture was grainy. The channel selections were maybe 1% of what we can get now, 8 track tape players, cassette tapes and vinyl records were the iphones of the 70's. That was all we had, but we lived for it and it seemed music was more special back then. This was probably because there were less choices, even in terms of who or what we listened to.There was this big wooden thing called a home entertainment center that looked like furniture and had a record player and radio in it. The record player could change records all by itself. You stacked them on the spindle and they dropped one at a time after the last record finished playing. You could put a stack of albums on it and have music for hours. Presently the choices are multiplied many times over. If you have feeds on your handheld device you might be getting the news, a dozen notifications from your social media, a notification that your favorite artist just released a track, the weather, you name it and it can be sent to you on your handheld device. Kids 5 years old learn to access media content on the dvd player in the car, operate the TV remote control and they even have their own small devices they can use. EVERYTHING is asking for our attention. By the time these people get to puberty they are usually media zombies. They have been trained to access media instead of access the world around them. This seems to make them less attentive to one thing. This would only makes sense, because this is all they've ever known. I sometimes also wonder if this makes all data less relevant. An over abundance of anything can invite boredom. Add to this the quality, or lack of it in music programming along with the methods of delivery and I think we have the perfect storm. Thoughts anyone?
  14. A good deal on a nice mastering limiter. A good mastering limiter will allow you to get the maximum volume from a mix, retain good dynamics and most important prevent signal clipping. This mastering limiter rates right up there with the best. A few more that come to mind are IK Multimedia Stealth, Voxengo Elephant, Fab Filter Pro-L.
  15. Interesting info Rudi. I was playing with the new Sasquatch plug in from Boz. After some point I couldn't hear the bass any more. I felt the bass. That's about when my windows started rattling. It felt like someone put a vibrator in my chair....a chair vibrator that is. That was probably less than 30hz. I don't believe much music is mixed to be heard above 8-10khz. Most people seem to be the most sensitive to the 1.5-3khz range. Something interesting I found that talks of the human voice and the fundamentals above it.
  16. Cool perspective of your local neighborhood. Reminds me of another thought. I can be on your world but never in your world nor you in my world. At least it feels that way.Even neighbors across the street. What world do they live in?
  17. You probably know way more than I do about wine. I pick up info here and there. Shiraz from Austrailia? Is that Barefoot wine? I don't know what a Pinotage is or a Spanish Rioja is. I know only one thing, if I like it, I know I like it. I'll look into those others. I read some weird stuff online. Sometimes there's a grain of truth to it. I've had mild tinnitus for years. Recently I've noticed it ramping up and then leveling off again. Overall though it seems slightly worse. I've learned where it is and how to work around it, HOWEVER, I have noticed a difference. Others who have it claim it's getting worse and there's a theory out that the frequency of the earth is ramping up. More sensitive individuals can pick that up. Both level and frequency seem to be changing. In some places there is a detectable 30hz signal all the time. Not everyone can hear a tone that low. It is claimed in some places the freq. is at 40hz. The higher it gets, the more people can hear it. I seem to be getting a very high harmonic. Could be damaged pick ups in the ear drum too. Either that or I have a resonance happening. Harmonics of 40 would be 40>80>160>320>640>1280>2560>5120>10,240>20,480. This doesn't account for the resonance that can develop if we included multiple sources creating hybrid harmonics. I believe we are picking up a lot of this spurious sound and it sometimes translates to tinnitus. Most radio transmission is in the upper frequencies, although submarines use ULF. We might be hearing a lower harmonic of those. One woman claims to have found a way to use her tinnitus as a way to sense. I can tell when it changes. I haven't found a way to use that information. She somehow correlated it with people and feelings. I read that on the internet, so it has to be true I would like for her to show me how she did what she does.
  18. I didn't know Cakewalk was ever in trouble. When I went to Boston I went by their headquarters . It was tough to track the place down, but I finally found it. It was very difficult to get parking and even somewhat dangerous because of the way the roads are there. I drove by it. It's located in a nice office building.I don't believe you can just walk in, you probably push an intercom button and state your business. Like all software companies the tools of the trade can be anywhere. They likely sub programmers from other countries. It's probably their global connections and reach that keep them healthy. CW has had a few blunders. Nothing extremely major. When Roland bought them it wasn't necessarily a bad thing. There were some unhappy people over the split when Gibson bought CW because the Roland VS-700 was a pricey audio control surface and Roland announced discontinued support. This wasn't the fault of CW. This was a Roland decision. As I understand it, the VS-700 still works with Sonar with a few work arounds. CW seldom advertise anything and don't follow through. The whole Apple/Mac problem was an exception. I'll continue to use Sonar. I bought into lifetime updates. The software shouldn't ever cost me another penny. Recently they've been coming out with some mastering class high end plug ins. Better than the ones typically provided with most other DAW's. I really don't have a reason to move. I don't own a Mac and don't really care to.
  19. I didn't think Cakewalk would ever do this. I'm very surprised. I think this is great news! They are also offering lifetime updates now for one price...lot's of new things in the works. I love the new skins and the recent mastering plug-ins too.
  20. Hey guys I don't know how this happened talking about beer and wine. Maybe I brought it up? I see you appreciate the finer things in life like a good wine or a top of the line beer. I've been slacking at the irish sessions, but when I was more regular I could have whatever I wanted for free. I tried most all of em. Most of the micro brews would overpower a meal. I like the drink to compliment rather than command the taste if I drink while eating. I guess if you drink the occasional beer as a meal in itself some of them could almost be a meal. There is a difference among the same beer names between beer here in the states and beer in the UK. For instance, Guinness tastes better in Ireland. I don't know what they do to the stuff they export, but it doesn't taste the same. Heinekin is the stuff the Germans don't want to drink so they ship it over here. I like Blue Moon Belgian style wheat ale. It is very close to a German Pilsner and goes really well with a meal, especially sea food. Plus, they give you a slice of orange on it. That's about as sophisticated as I get when it comes to beer. And even that is very occasional. Please don't start on cigars I might puke just reading about that. The Apothic Red is an inexpensive all rounder.
  21. I kinda figured you were just having fun, but I really wasn't sure. Oh you have a Rainsong. NICE! I've never played one. I would like to some time. Probably more durable than a wood guitar too. Made of the same stuff they made the wings of the stealth from right? Carbon fiber I think? Very expensive compared to a wood guitar unless you can get a steal on one used. Rudi, Thank you. I put that together with a track made at a steam in Ireland. There's also a birds/rain track mixed in. If a person is on a budget I think the epi is really hard to beat. I'm not interested in sending mine back. It's definitely a "keeper".
  22. Looking to put some boom in your room? How about doing it for free? Although the library is free you will need the full version of Kontakt to use it. The player version stops after 30 minutes. Looks to be a RAR file you unzip and put where it belongs. Check the demo and player out here- X3M Taiko Freebie.html
  23. Yeah my horse is out back, roight. One realization that should have hit me earlier is that any emulation is a copy of a sound. On the surface that doesn't mean much. I mean, it it still sounds like the original what's the problem? For awhile I tried acoustic emulations. Mainly variax. They aren't bad, yet they are a copy.and they don't usually sound quite as good as the original. Very nice to have on an electric guitar in a pinch. To me though, I didn't jive with that so I went back mostly to real guitars for acoustic work. I got the new Epi in and I really like it, but I do miss the smaller body size. As Kelly says, the smaller parlor guitars fit smaller people better. I'm not a huge guy so I rather like to play parlors too. There is a trade off since the smaller size doesn't have quite as much volume as a large dreadnought. One of the things I look for is even sound across strings. I don't want a loud boomy D string and a whimpy tinny E string. I want an even distribution of sound. Here's a track I just made with the Epi still using the Cleartones. Kelly, the gauge of the strings can make a difference. Light gauge strings might not give you as much bass, especially on a parlor guitar. I have two sets of Martin lights and I want to put one set on my epi because it has a bit too much bass in a small room. It came with Cleartones which I've never really liked.
  24. Wha?? Wine? Hops? OK. FWIW I don't necessarily think we need high end gear to listen casually although for me just knowing I'm missing some of it bothers me. A high bitrate mp3, say 320kbps is a decent file.I wouldn't ever want to mix with an mp3. I've done it and the result is usually way less than what I wanted. a 128 mp3 compared to a 16/44.1 audio file or higher is a BIG difference. At 128mbps you start to get artifacts and they take out a lot of the bass information and some of the mids.You end up with tinnier sounding version of the original. Compare the two side by side and you'll notice a difference. Even with old ears For casual background listening I probably wouldn't tell the difference because I'm not really listening intently to the music. For mixing I want something I can trust like decent studio monitors in a space I, at the very least , understand the limitations of. Knowing the limitations has helped me a lot. Having said that I'm not Mr. Wonder Boy mixer. I'm still learning it. I recently listened to some mixes several years old. They sound dull and aren't mixed loud enough. I'm tempted to go back and remix at least a half dozen of my tracks,. Rob, Rudi, I highly recommend Apothic Red.You can get it in the UK. I'm not really a drinker per se, I seen it ruin two generations before me. I do like the occasional sip of a decent wine. I've tasted just about every decent beer known to man and I can't really develop any great appreciation for most of it.I might have one of the common ones here mass produced in the states on a hot day. The dark chocolate almost black gut rot they call beer. I don't care for it. When I seldom drink a beer I'm more inclined toward a wheat or Pilsner. I don't care for anything too "hoppy" tasting. There's a local brewery right down the road from me, Victory Brewing .They make a beer they call " Hop Devil". If you like hops you would probably love that one.
  25. I have no doubt if I had been using Mac software on a Mac the only logical choice for me would be Logic. It's 199.00 American right? That's a steal for such a powerful program with regular free updates. You can get most of the same plug ins for it only in a mac format. What runs most software developers crazy is the constant updates. Big companies like Native Instruments are most concerned with OS updates from Apple. Though Win 10 and OSX are always changing and updating. This means they need to usually update their plug ins and software to keep up to keep up with it. The rudder moves but the ship sometimes steers very slowly with everyone trying to play catch up to what the big two are doing. This is doubly troubling for dual platform programs because they basically need two teams to keep up with both platforms. One mistake and the customer base is complaining their software/hardware stopped working. This is why a company like Cakewalk who has very close ties with the windows teams can pull it off well if only on PC.