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  1. Sreyashi- Together

    I submitted a track awhile back over on the collaboration thread. I can't seem to locate the thread now. I was glad a few responded and one of those was Sreyashi. The track was basically drums and some synth before we mixed it. Sreyashi added the lyrics and vocals to this one.I really like here singing voice on this. The mix has already been through several revisions and arrangements. I think this is the final arrangement. The mix still needs a few things done I think.I'm open to opinions and ideas. Maybe even a recommendation of what genre this should be. To me it seems closest to pop. Thanks to Sreyashi who has worked this far with me on it and for coping with my odd music
  2. Chat Chat Chat Chat Chat

    Sorry I took so long to respond to this Mike. It seems the older we get the more complicated life is. I almost bought BIAB. I've come close. I haven't bashed the program, but I have voiced my reasons for not seeing a real need for it. This can turn into something like a Mac/PC debate. As I understand it, in order to really benefit from it you need to get the versions with the better audio files and all of the "styles"that suit your genre. I suspect it might make me lazy. Instead of actually playing the parts I would be throwing all of my time into making arrangements in BIAB. Looks like cheating to me lol. I know a guy over on the Cakewalk site who uses it for country demos. It is VERY convincing. I can see how it would work wonders to see all the chords for jazz music.Probably the fastest way to throw a musical recipe together. Have you looked at Forte? Forte plays well with Studio One since Presonus owns both.
  3. Sreyashi- Together

    Ken- Yes I think this is a classic example of over compensating. Swinging the pendulum too far the other way. I think I'm going to try to find the original drum track and see if I can remove some of that in midi, either that or jump off a bridge
  4. Sreyashi- Together

    *SIGH* I listened again and in reality I think the mix has gone backwards. The drums seem so far back to me now that you loose the feel of the complicated beat. This was after 2 hours of work, hence the sigh. I was able to get more separation and balance in the stereo image between tracks. At this point, this is the only positive I can see. Nelson- Somehow my toms and ride got onto the same channel. I'm still trying to figure out how that happened. I noticed this early on. I might need to go back to the beginning to get it all sorted out.Thank you. Pahchisme- Thanks for those affirmative words and vote of confidence. This mix is dogging me to death. It's mainly the drums. Good ideas too on using drum replacement. I might look into that option. Ken- Thank you. I liked the beat too. I think it has more the feel of percussion than a drum kit at times. Gives it a world feel, that is until I mucked it all up with the last mix. Jenn- I really appreciate your comments here. I agree Sreyashi is a bit loud. Initially I liked the lower volume drums too, but it started to grow on me in the wrong way. I can't follow the groove now at the beginning. This is what happens when I over analyze. I take things too far the other way. I'm going to try and find a balance here if that's possible. I could start with another drum track but I might not finish this until 2018. I like the unique drums but we need to hear the groove.
  5. Sreyashi- Together

    Thank you for honest opinions here. I left the old mix up so you could hear it and I put up the most recent mix. I did away with the sax since i thought it distracted from Steyashi's voice. I did a bunch of additional EQ carving to make space for things. I ran the drums into a drum bus and added some sub bass. This allowed for more space and more bass.I'll probably be blogging about what I did in more detail. I made use of the empty spaces and some trailing vocal parts to accentuate the drums, then I dropped the volume off a bit where she sings. I took the bite out of the toms which I think were in conflict with her voice in the mid ranges. I adjusted the bass so it doesn't sound as dated. I did a lot with the stereo image and putting elements not fitting stereo to mono and trying to keep everything in a place with respect to panning. I changed the reverb. did lots of other stuff. Too much to really detail here. See what you think. Hopefully this will be seen as an improvement.
  6. https://www.musicbusinessworldwide.com/laying-off-173-employees-soundcloud-really-path-profitability/ Apple has a successful business model. Amazon and a few others followed that lead. These companies manage to make a profit. Soundcloud hasn't followed that model or even a close approximation of it. For me, Soundcloud has been a love hate relationship. Soundcloud who was music for the masses isn't doing so well. Pros- A quick effective way to put music to the ears of anyone and everyone who wants to hear it.. Easy sign up and upload process. Can add artwork, descriptions and links. Good exposure worldwide. A nice looking interface.Tier plans from free to unlimited with extensive statistics. Cons- They take your money to let you upload your hard work for free. Somehow that doesn't seem like much of a deal to me. The only advantage is that it offers you some exposure. Paid advertisements for supported musicians get precedence over unpaid. It's really easy for your track to fall into oblivion unless it gets a strong showing early, you have a lot of friends, or you paid for more exposure in the form of likes and reposts. And this never made a whole lot of sense to me. Invest in social networking to promote yourself to give something away free? I'm as guilty as anyone else. I think I used it as a kind of litmus test to see if there was any interest. Yet who is the buyer? Who is the main listener?Another musician who is too busy making their own music to really dedicate too much time to others music? People with wives and husbands,kids and jobs with woes and troubles who manage to eek out a few hours a week to make music to upload?...again for free? I would think the demographic we need is a non musician who has some time and likes music, who also has some disposable income right? I hate to disappoint, but I don't think this is Soundcloud. Maybe a very small percentage of the listeners are simply looking for music. Yes music for free. Even they might be disappointed when they search a genre like rock and they end up getting streams of hip hop, and something that can't really be classified as anything. No continuity in the streams. These people will get tired of that and go to Spotify or Pandora paid or XM radio. So what I'm saying sounds dismal. Probably 90% of the listeners are the posters who might be curious. 10% or less are really serious. Here's another bomb- A dedicated listener of free music isn't always a buyer. So long as it's free they will come. Turn off the spigot and guess what? If you're a super talented person with tons of comments about how wonderful the music is, this probably makes you feel great and you deserve to relish to some extent in your hard work, yet it's like a puff of smoke. Show me the money or be willing to play for free the rest of your life. I think most of us have kind of hardened ourselves to the fact that we like what we do but we doubt that we'll ever get very far with selling it. This may or may not be true. Some have thought going into music for video games and picture is where it's at. I see some of them on Soundcloud. In these situations there's more to learn. It's more complicated than , " Here's my music, will it work for your video game or film?" The game or picture comes first and you usually need to sync to it and play along tothe mood of the piece. They don't take your song and say, " Hey lets make a game with this music".Syncing to picture can get complicated and you need the right tools to do it. It's a small pond with a few big fish. If you happen to break into it, you need to know a lot more than composition. The industry is very fickle What is successful one day might have washed down the tubes next year. Probably working more hours than you're being paid for, but I digress. Of late I've seem some very gifted composers on .Soundcloud using expensive sound libraries that finally get made into a 128 mp3. to make free music out of boredom. Don't get me wrong, composing orchestral film music can be very rewarding and maybe this is enough for some. I think I'm asking why we do it? Why did I do it? I don't really know. I think part of it was how easy it was. Is acknowledgment really more important than common sense? Don't get me started on piracy lol. How do you know your track wasn't copied and placed on an album half way around the world? You say, " All they have is a 128 mp3". Yes but a good musician can literally play your song note for note and re record it. 128 mp3 isn't below some to make an album, albeit of poor quality. I'm thinking I've had almost 130,000 plays since I joined Soundcloud. If only 10% of those people would have purchased that would be more than I have now. Soundcloud is a good way to present your music to the public. A good way to let people know you're out there. Hopefully it won't stop at that. I believe Soundcloud should have built more capability into their software to allow direct sales of music. The word is that Soundcloud is simply cutting back at investors requests. Being a little skeptical, I'm not convinced. I would hope that they can be around as something better suited to the musician and not the listener. I think I'll just go find a quiet place with my guitar and forget about all of this for now Does it really matter? Not that much to me, yet it's an interesting thing to watch happen over time.
  7. I'm thinking you might need a voice with some twang in it too. At least here in America the vox has that "good ole boy" sound to it. I'm not sure you would get that with tight lederhosen
  8. Chat Chat Chat Chat Chat

    You could probably print the tabs from your midi guitar sent to something like Forte. Just a thought.
  9. No worries Ray. I'm glad you found someone to help with it! They have country music in Germany? I'm kidding.
  10. Simplify me, Override me (Thank you Jesus)

    I second the Jack White comparison. Great stuff. What are you doing with this? Are you playing out with your stuff? You have the kind of energy it takes to go out there with a band and tear it up I think just a mastering on this would do it. I wouldn't change a thing, keep that rough rock vibe it has.
  11. I'll be with you - Mix ok?

    The mix here seems ok overall. It has a little mid range edge which I actually prefer. The reverb gives it a great feeling of expansiveness. The guitar parts or loops give this a hypnotic effect along with the beat. The kind of drone in the vocal, not specifically a drone, but the constant range it's in gives me the feeling of a constant. Somewhere around note F? F#maybe? I don't know, but it's that constant that gives it a mysterious feel. Good panning. I can hear small return or musical response parts here and there added, like soft synth runs after lyric statements.In some places it almost seems too empty between endings of statements. Nothing that sticks out too much. Too much and you loose that open feel it has. I like the change ups in the I'm guessing chorus.Gives it a nice break. I'm not sure I'm a fan of the bass intro. Just me. It isn't a negative, just something I question for some unknown reason. I'm trying to see what it needs and I can't really find anything major. Great work and classic Dek. You have a unique, relaxing and reflective sound. I know you've done things that are way different, but I could tell it was you two miles out The track has a feeling of quality and cleaness to it. If that makes any sense to you.
  12. Sreyashi- Together

    FWIW- Here is the original rough track on the thread I mentioned- Jenn- I like your idea about panning the backup vocals. I'm going to see about trying some things with that. Thank you for your honest listen and comments here Richard- I listened to the track you mentioned. I like that approach. I'm not sure how I would resolve that direction with the drum beats I have. I could probably load it, tempo match it and add a dance beat. This is something I hadn't considered. I'm thinking it might not gel with the present beat, but I could be wrong.Thank you!! Pahchisme- Thank you for listening! I'm glad you think the vocals sit well with the mix. This is something I'm constantly struggling with. Monostone- Yes, I told Sreyashi she should be using that gift somewhere.! Thank you for your further explanation. I did equate this tune to jazz even though the chords don't fit a jazz agenda. I didn't really intend it to be a dance tune. The beat was my starting point. I don't know. I just really warmed up to it right away. I agree that it surely doesn't fit as something to dance or move to. I see the mix in a more figurative sense. I'll try to explain. I wanted it to convey the inner turmoil of the lyric. I does give the feeling that something just isn't going well and ( so I thought) re enforces the emotional feelings. I'm agreeing with you on all the points you make. The drums still need some more work to reign them in. You did a great job of explaining it I think. The 1st impressions are the rhythm is off. And in one sense it is off in that it doesn't follow typical drum protocol. I see it as a drummer taking a lot of artistic freedom, but he's still a bit much Thank you! I don't think you would like this unless I removed the drum pattern and I don't think at this stage of the mix it is possible without a re write.All I can do is try to reign it in better. Hobosage- I had been playing with M/Sand higher freq. pass throughs. The only things that seemed to pass L/R in the 1500-5000 range was cymbals and vocals. I had not checked the lower ranges. Thanks for your perspective. I think I need to revisit my panning as related to lower frequencies. This shouldn't be a tough adjustment with a plug like Vitamin which is really good at this kind of thing. I haven't seriously carved this in EQ yet either.I plan to make some more space for parts. I thought I had it close, but maybe not.The over siblance is likely still a setting too hot in the JRR vocal plug in. If I remove it the vocal sounds more dead, so I need a happy medium. Thank you to all who commented or will comment. Just a FYI. I'm blogging about the progress of the mix. If anyone wants to see how it developed so far you can read it here. I referenced Song stuff as one of my resources. I figured it might be interesting to see how many details can go into something that only plays for 4 minutes. Maybe you all can relate Progress of a mix I hope you'll return for the later mix and thanks again! Daryl I see your commenting. Thaks man. I'll check it out! I appreciate the listen!
  13. This Weird Love - colab with Lynn Wilson

    Great Job you guys. Good to see Lynn still at it!
  14. Cell Phone Junkies!

    Wow. Certainly a very relevant song today. Almost everyone on the street is walking land looking at a cell lol. I love the retro sound this has. I think this is mainly the guitar and the vocal mix that makes it that way. I enjoy the uniqueness of your material. Always refreshing to listen to it.
  15. Life Is Very Short

    Great doubled vocal sound on this one. I liked it overall. Lots of energy!
  16. All In Vain

    Great singing. I love the way you have coupled the mood of the lyric and the music so well.
  17. Great lyrics Ray. I might be interested. I have a few things on my plate at the moment. Country isn't usually a main interest, but I usually have no problem in making it since I came from a background that probably makes it a natural fit. Do you need both music and vocals?
  18. Pics Of Your Studio

    If you want to post a pic of your studio I would love to see it. I recommend stripping location data from the pics before posting. I might put a pic up but right now I'm embarrassed by how cluttered it is. And I might actually have to dust in there. I hope dust isn't flammable. If you copy and paste one of those Hollywood million dollar studios we are going to know it wasn't you
  19. Pics Of Your Studio

    Nice setup John!
  20. Maybe you are interested in how a plug in gets from the development stages to completion. Maybe you aren't. These are generally bright software engineers and coders who are really Santa's elves here in making things happen. In this article Jon Downing describes some of the struggles he went through to bring a top notch limiter into being. The Adaptive Limiter is the reason I seen no need to reach for the Stealth Limiter by IK or similar. Comparisons are made to another popular unnamed limiter. It should be noted that this limiter has the unique ability to preview mp3 or LAME. This way you can see how a mix will sound if you drop this into your master buss. All plug ins are not created equal. Kudos to these guys! Adaptive Limiter Behind The Scenes
  21. 70% Off KVLT Drums

    If Norwegian Black Metal is your thing, this might interest you. The price sure seems right. This is a limited time deal. KVLT rums
  22. What does it mean to succeed?

    I've already had some of those health issues Ray. I must be old. Not getting old, just old Some of the issues are still lurking around to potentially come back later. The grim reaper has a lot of help. It doesn't help that I commonly hear of men 10 years younger than me who didn't make it with a similar thing. I count myself lucky or successful in that regard. It goes day by day. The reaper is always in the shadows waiting reminding that he's there for when the time comes. A friend recently went to get a routine checkup. Prostate cancer spread to the back bones and other places. They can't cure it, only maybe delay it. It has advanced too far to really control. He made a statement that seems simple, but it caused me to think. He said, " I'll live until I die". There are certainly positives. Having today is a positive. Being able to talk with a great person like you an ocean away is a positive. I'll live until I die. I have my faith too, so I don't feel bad about death since it's only the beginning. I agree about focusing on hardships. Focusing on a problem never solves it if all we do is focus and worry or become despondent. I'll live until I die and i intend to live well, productive and happy as a man can be.
  23. What does it mean to succeed?

    I hope you have that Ray. Right after I typed this my day got really busy so I was able to stay awake lol.
  24. Soundcloud Cuts 40% of workforce

    I think the same thing applies to follows with respect to networking. I actually notice more of that than the listens networking. I was at one time up to almost 2000 followers and it's dropped down to a little over 1800. Probably one of the most fickle things there are. I don't have the time to listen to everything and honestly I mostly only follow what I like. I guess it's going to cost me . I had no ideas why a hip hopper would follow me. In most cases I could make music about Pee Wee Herman and they would follow me for maybe a day or two, then unfollow me. Hip hoppers, please move along and stop wasting our time. I'm not just picking on Hip Hoppers, although I notice it with them a lot.
  25. Soundcloud Cuts 40% of workforce

    I guess I care to the extent that it does what you say. Probably why I haven't pulled my stuff from there.My level of caring though isn't way up there. I DO appreciate those who support. To me it seems a good ideas/songs place. I question many of the listens since many of those who listen want a return listen. I have followed it with "ifollowspy" to see if it was true and in most cases. It's always the same. If I don't have time to return a listen within say a week or less, they unfollow me. IOW they are building listens by listening and hoping you'll listen. There are some who simply listen and expect nothing in return. These are the ones I would want to support. It isn't that I don't want to hear all of it, I usually just don't have the time. And then the the chicks with sexy selfies . What's that all about? They usually don't have any songs posted. . I think it might be a porn site leader. I haven't clicked their links so I don't know. Then there's so and so "promotion" sites. It's just a mess...really, but I do see the importance of at least getting some exposure. The quality of the streams is close to what you'll hear on Amazon or spotify. I like it for that, so I can get an idea of what a chopped copy sounds like. Mastered for iTunes needs a different master submitted through an approved mastering house and costs extra so you can say your track was "mastered for iTunes".