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  1. Who knows, it might be happening now. The backlash against the new Harry Styles song seems to be rising. People seem really pissed off about the blatant copying of other more successful songs, something that seems to be happening a lot more now. For what it's worth... I actually like the song, although it is so much like so many other songs crammed together, it is a lot more interesting than I was expecting. You can clearly see he was influenced (cough!!!) by Bowie and that is coming over from all the comments I have seen. Where is the originality in the mainstream? Will we ever see anyone taking a chance anymore? Does every rapper now need to sound the same? Does every female artist have to wail and sound like Mariah and Beyoncé? Does every male artist have to be a major knob? Who knows, but it seems to sell!!!!
  2. I think the difference is, getting the youth of today to hear and see what we had growing up. There are a lot more 'kids' getting into older bands and music, especially in the UK. You see them at concerts and our Top 100 albums not long ago were full of old albums, not anything new. This is because people are buying or streaming albums and they have re-entered the charts. That shows how the change is probably there and growing. The problem is the record companies and the radio stations/TV stations who constantly tell us who we should listen to or like. Yes, we had that to a degree years back, but not to the extent as we see now. I can see a change coming in the way we experience music and films. It has to change, or we will get to the stage where people won't do it if there is no way of making money. A hobby doesn't pay if it is your main source of income. There will be deals and tie-ins coming that will make it worth your while purchasing music and films again, even if it is digital still. The uptake in vinyl has taken the music industry by surprise, so it might give them the kick up the butt they need.
  3. That also sounds lovely... you Americans will be the death of every other nation with your tasty fatty foods!!!! Now I know what I'm having this weekend for breakfast.....
  4. That sounds really tasty, almost like a McMuffin from McDs. and no-one gets to leave my house without a kiss - it is customary
  5. Who?
  6. I remember we had one of those entertainment centres as well. Loved it and playing all the old records my parents had, before I started getting my own. My first stereo was a Kenwood with the record deck on the bottom, you pressed a button and it came out. It had the best double tape deck ever. I did so many mixes on that, cause when you paused it, it went back a mili-second and blended with the previous part to perfection. I used to record the charts from the radio and it was great, all this music, music I fell in love with and still love to this day. I moved on to more expensive stereos and technology took over my life - sometimes too much. I think you re right about today's youth - everything is too instant and there is so much choice (TV channels, radio channels, everything). They are born to have a short attention span, which is why most music nowadays is fluffy throwaway move on to something else kind of stuff. The Now That's What I Call albums have gone from being a must buy when they started out to having probably one song that I like. I am trying to get my daughters into decent music, but they just listen to all the shut of the day.
  7. Ken, nothing wrong with the 80's (all my songs are stuck there as well). Good luck with this one.
  8. Hi Ken - welcome to the site. This has a nice U2 feel to it - especially the verses - and I like that you don't try and sound like Bono, as that would be too much. It sounds like the beginnings of what could be a really good song, but difficult to critique a rough demo as it is just an idea. The idea is good, although some of the lyrics sound too cliche, which is fine in moderation, but most of the song is built like that. I know it was mentioned above about the lyrics and I agree, I would try and change it up a bit so that they flow really well and even trying out different words, might help with adding some interest to the listener, as I felt I had read and heard those lyrics a hundred times or more (another cliche). Now, I am not having a dig at you, so please don't think that. Most members on here believe in being honest to help others perfect or hone their writing and I have the same comments given to me on my tracks and I know they were right. Now the music... I really liked what you had there and I think it would be a very good track once fully produced with a bit more added and going on. If you wanted to take this out of rough demo, I would like to the sounds and producetion on U2's One song, as this has a similar feel to it. It might help you work out where to take this track. The vocals sounded like a nice idea, but I agree about the 'yeas', I think they date a song and should be resigned to the past Oberqll, I liked it and it was a very good start. Some really nice guitar playing, which when mixed should be higher in the mix and the drums need a bit more variety and dynamics. Cheers Richard
  9. Your eggs in the morning? I like mine with a kiss.......... How about you?
  10. @ImKeN - ha ha, I can hear what you mean, the first couple of bars sound like a Coke ad Overall, the length and arrangement sound okay, though when you go back to the Coke ad bit again I would have a bit more percussion/drums as it really drops the feeling (no pun intended) down a bit there. It is a nice track, but I felt some of the synths weren't very good. The one that plays the main melody was (in my opinion) the wrong choice for that part and the organ sound later on, really didn't work for me. They two synths in particular pulled me out of the track as I noticed them too much. The rest of them sounded fine, although it kind of dated the track, which is probably why you felt like it sounded like a pop drink ad. You could use sounds that would may it sound retro, but relevant today and it would really pick up what sounds like a really promising track. R
  11. 'Cheers David - I'll have a look at the drums, as I was doing my own playing, which is sorely lacking in imagination, it might help with the lead in to the next part of the song as well.
  12. This is true about making it sound as good as possible on cheap headphones. I have heard some recordings that sound terrible on everything you play it on and then I've heard some recordings that sound amazing, no matter what you play it on. Tim I know you use Izotope Ozone and although I have the essentials one, I still think some of the mastering options are excellent, so there really is no reason for someone to produce a song and have it sound great on a budget.
  13. I could give it a try if you want Tim. Might give me a break from my own stuff and John thinks it might help to collaborate with others.
  14. Yeah, sorry the mics I have require the interface. I think they possibly do a USB version, would need to check.
  15. Sounds like a Beatles song.... @john there is our next contest