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  1. Hi Emily, this is probably my favourite I have heard from you and takes me back to discovering Kate Bush and the lovely sounds she created with her voice and piano. Your vocals on this are a standout and the harmonies are fantastic. Like others I think the piano could do with being brighter and slightly higher in the mix, but with an eq to take the high end off if it gets too bright. One thing I love is finding a nice piano sound. Is this a real piano? If not, what are you using for the piano? I do think the synth could be changed and you could get something a bit fuller that would works just as well. The synth sounds very thin for me, but if you want to keep it, why don't you layer it a few times, but adding a slight delay and panning them left and right with a slight change to the placing would help give it a fuller sound. This is the kind of song I would listen to a lot and you should feel very proud of this one.
  2. Hi Bielka, welcome to SongStuff. This is a lovely song and the beginning is the perfect start to a song for me. I have always loved that sound and being a soundtrack fan, have encountered some really nice French soundtrack music along the way and this has this in spades. The guitar playing, vocals, everything is very well done and the production sounds really good as well. Well done.
  3. A3D - really nice track. It kind of reminded me of The Eels and the lyrical idea was a nice idea. A couple of times the vocal sounded a bit croaky, but I don't know if that is what you intended or not. Are you looking to add anything else to the track?
  4. David you have done it again. I am really liking this sound you have going at the moment and this started off like some kind of Trent Reznor/Nine Inch Nails lost track and then became full blown Gabriel. Can't fault anything, I really enjoyed this one.
  5. Dek, I've now had a listen - love it. It has a very 70's vibe to it and believe it or not, echoes of Midge in some parts. It also reminds me of those summer holidays where we all poured into the back of the car and went on trips that felt like it would take forever to get there, but in reality, now, it's about an hour It also has a nice warm feeling to it and I could sense that it really meant something to you. Some of the song reminded me of some of the best bands of that era, including the Thin White Duke himself and it was a nice direction for you. My only nit was some of the backing vocals I felt didn't quite sit right with the song. The main vocal was great, but a couple of the times the backing vocal didn't hit right. But that is just me. Great job.
  6. Hi Mark, wow this is really beautiful. Your voice is excellent and the guitar and piano sound perfect to my ears. The mix and arrangement sound good to me and I like that it took a while till the chorus kicked it, it was worth the wait. I don't know if it was my headphones, which are normally very good, but the piano could sound a bit brighter, unless you were going for a more muted sound, then just ignore me. The piano at the beginning works for me, but then I love piano in songs. I didn't notice the hiss at the beginning that others did, but did hear it as the song was finishing as the vocal faded (to grey). Really good track and you should be proud of this one. It took me back to a simpler time for music and felt like something Bread would have released, with touches of Bowie thrown in with some of your vocal phrasing.
  7. Dek - not had a chance to listen yet, but will shortly, but I just wanted to say I'm glad you are back, but sorry that it was the loss of a close family member that gave you the impetus to compose a song. I know that it has probably been very cathartic getting the feelings out in a song and it has been known to help with dealing with sadness. I'm also sorry your city has had to endure another horrific incident. This one has hit me a bit harder than I thought and I think it's because a lot of the kids are around my daughters age and I keep thinking, what if it was them!!!! I hope you are back again and looking to stick around. We need to get our heads together and work on a collaboration. I'll have a listen and get back to you.
  8. Yeah, I'll give it another go. Just need to find time to work out the lyrics, but thinking they will be close to what's there with another verse part, instead of having the repeat.
  9. Good read so far... I originally called myself (NFD) - this is a Police term and means 'Not Further Described' when writing information down. I wanted to be in the background and the music being the thing you noticed, so felt that suited. I The noticed there was a rap group in the US with the same moniker.... so eventually I changed it to Jigsaw Sequence. This is a lyric from a Ultravox song called Rage In Eden. I had always wanted my first album to be called 'and no-one could see the end'. This is the continuation of the lyric from the song. It's a bit obscure, but I really liked it. Recently I decided to change it to something a bit easier to remember and wanted to go with Monument - again this is another Ultravox reference, but again there is already a group with that name, so went with Little Monuments. This is another Ultravox lyric, but felt it would suit the creation of the songs, being little Monuments. I wrote the one minute track for a post a while back and that was written in a similar context, where you could take it the songs were created for others and would be there when we're gone, or that we create children to leave behind when we are gone to keep the human race going. I think I was trying to be to clever for my own good with that one
  10. @starise - Tim, I decided to give this a quick try - the lyrics were about 90% ad-libbed as I was singing once I had a rough idea of what the lyric should be about. I am going to refine the lyrics, but what do you think of the idea? R I don't like how SoundCloud doesn't allow you to change the name of the artist!!!
  11. Tim, I think I am going to give this one a try as well. I've laid down a very rough draft for a vocal idea with ad-libbing lyrics. Will go back and find the lyric idea from that and get something to you soon as an idea.
  12. Listen to Enjoy The Silence - for me that is their best song.
  13. Hi Will, I agree with others, this has a very Bruno Mars, Mark Ronson feel to it. Sounds like a good start, but for me it needs just a little bit more body to it, something to fill it out. This might only be a synth part or extra spread when you are mixing and mastering.
  14. This is a cool track. Like someone mentioned, it has a very nice Depeche Mode vibe going on. The melodies are excellent and the instrumentation, especially the guitar are very well done. I feel it needs something extra going on and I would prefer if he sang the chorus with more of a higher pitch and feeling (i can hear in my head how it should sound). I agree with David about the bridge, it should be doubled up and it only needs another synth melody over the top of it, to make it stand out against the rest of the track. Great start though and feel the lyrics are top notch and I love the subject. I wouldn't change them other than David's suggestion above.
  15. 'Hey Rob - thanks for the lovely comments, very much appreciated coming from yourself. Glad my vocals sound okay on this one. Once I can get round to recording them properly, I am hoping they will sound a hell of a lot better.