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  1. Hype

    Hey Everyone! I've really been busy at the moment so I have'nt been able to critique as much as I'd like, but I have seen some amazing talent on here recently along with the members that are also amazing from before! I'd love your feedback on a song I've just finished called 'Hype' basically does what it says on the tin, it's a tounge in cheek sarcastic song about just giving into hype and letting it rule your life. Thanks as always for listening and leaving you much appreciated feedback Aria. https://soundcloud.com/ariagracefield/hype Hype V1- Some things make me crazy, some things make me wanna run away, some things have a way of turning your life and making you wanna stay, just look from another direction and it could open your eyes, this world is amazing when you surround yourself with lies, Chorus- Give into the hype, give into the lie, they want you to buy, I hear it calling me, V2- You wander around in circles knowing that you don't belong, you're living inside yourself and no one will tell you it's wrong, why don't you step into the shadows of over protected truth Chorus- V3- It glitters and promises to give you everything that you've ever dreamed, don't pay any attention to what's laughing at you behind the scenes, It's a perfect rainbow of colour and at the end is a pot of gold, It's waiting for you to grab it but when you get there it's already sold. Chorus-
  2. Pop Track In Progress: Lunar

    Hey, I love pop tracks! When I first started listening I thought 'I hope this isn't more monotonous repeating of the same line' but (although there is slight repetition) it's a really cool pop song with well thought out lyrics, really enjoyed it.
  3. Space

    Hey! I really enjoyed the haunting-ness of this track, I've always been fascinated with space and the whole concept of the lyrics you've written, you have a very clear in distinctive voice which over-all makes for a really interesting listen.
  4. Indefinite

    Hey, I'm not really great with telling people what they should change or perfect on their songs, obviously as you say this is just a demo but I know when I hear a song if I like it or not and this is a really nice song and I really liked it.
  5. Time Is Running Out

    Thanx for all the feedback on this one I really appreciate it
  6. Time Is Running Out

    Hey, Thanx for the feedback, I'll be the 1st to admit im not great with producing music so I'm not suprised that part falls flat tbh, I'm working with someone at the moment who is going to re-work the music and then I can put your suggestions to the test. I appreciate everyone's point of view on here as I know most are here to help you be better and even the people who don't make music know if they like a song when they hear it.
  7. Time Is Running Out

    Hey, Thanx for all the feedback guys it really helps!
  8. Modern Maze

    Hey, I really liked this, It's not normally my genre but the lyrics were really well written and thought provoking, also I LOVE harmonies and you did an excellent job on this with them, I think the only thing I'd prefer is a more demanding beat almost like a marching beat but thats just my preference, really good song.
  9. Time Is Running Out

    Hey All, Here is a new one I'm working on, I'm just wondering what your thoughts are regarding lyrics and the doo wops at the start, I'm not sure how sold I am on them I wanted the overall thing to sound up lifting but I dunno if the lyrics convey that? Thanks in advance as always Aria https://soundcloud.com/ariagracefield/time-is-running-out Aria Gracefield - Time Is Running Out 2013 V1) I was once a stranger to myself, stumbling thru an insufficient life, live your life it will take you to the answers, Chrous) Try and do everything you want to, be everything you wanna be, live like time is running out on you, like time is running out, V2) Life is just, an unanswered question, racing thru a questioning mind, follow it thru let it lead you to the answers, Chorus) Related
  10. Choices

    Hey, I think I'd probably have to agree with the vocals being too up front but my whole recording style is to submerge my vocals into the whole piece, other than that it all sounds very professional.
  11. Fight (Original Song)

    Hey, I originally looked at this song because I wrote a song called 'Fight', but I'm glad I chose to look as this is amazing, what an amazing voice you have and the lyrics are so touching, the only thing I would criticize is the constant repeat of the chorus at the end, but you have such a good voice I hardly really noticed it, really loved this.
  12. Without You In My Life

    Hey, Thanks for the feedback, I totally agree on the title as I was going to call it 'In My Life' but it just didnt sit right with me (I dunno why). I definitely will think on about the Sub/Chorus idea.
  13. What More?

    Hey, I thought this was an honest and moving track, the way you sing this suits the mood of the song and the lyrics although very deep and personal to you also touch on feelings any person has/could have, the whole point I feel of writing your own lyrics is to be able to tell your own stories and also make the listener feel like you are sharing something with them, this has a very Lykke Li sound to it. It's understandable to be nervous and not completely amazing when you're starting out but I think you have great potential and I really enjoyed this.
  14. Without You In My Life

    Thanks for the feedback I appreciate it.
  15. The Louder You Scream

    Hey, Really cool song, I love some elements of this song more than others but overall it has a true message and I find it a really cool track