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Engagement   I thought a post dealing with engagement would be a good idea.   Yes engagement is important. Ideally, engagement with the right people, at the right time, with the right message is even more important. The opposite is also true. Engagement with the wrong people, at the wrong time, with the wrong message is completely useless at best, critically dangerous sometimes.   Engagement should not be aimless. It also should not burn valuable content for no obvi

john in Promotion

Building Your Fanbase - Attention, Engagement and Buzz

Musicians Don't Make Great Fans   It's interesting. It's pretty easy to add other musicians to your mailing list/followers, but they don't tend to make good fans. Mostly because: For many, they were not out looking for new music They follow you so you follow them. There is an implied follow-back. Once on mailing lists most will never open a single email from you. They don't follow you because they like your music. In fact, on my sites like ReverbNation they p


Branding and Music (Part 1)

Image and Branding   In the Music Industry, image is everything. Your image is quite literally, how the world sees you. As an artist, your brand is built around the image being projected of the band members, but it also connects the band and the preconceived things the public would most likely associate with an artist’s music when they first hear it. This is true even when there are unexpected elements, on some level that connection still needs to be made.   Photographs, grap


Building A Fanbase - Breaking Dependencies

Breaking Your Dependence   At some point you need to reach beyond your friends and family.   Both friends and family can be very unreliable supporters... no matter their initial desire to help, they are unlikely to be naturally motivated. They are also unlikely to want to devote time to learning skills that might allow them to help you better.     Just because someone is a friend or family member does not mean they are automatically fans of your music. It


Getting Help

Musicians need help. That was a sizeable component of my last blog entry. But how do they get that help? Where do they get that help?   Friends and Family   Friends and family are not reliable advocates.   Their motivation is generally built on friendship and family ties, not on belief in your music. I can understand bands starting to build help based on friends and family, but at some point artists need to move beyond that completely. The sooner the better. This co


Making An Impact

What I write here is mainly for artists, but much of it can be applied to songwriters.... although generally scaled down a little.   As an indie, this is perhaps one of the most fundamental questions.   Realistically there are some major constraints in place:   Lack of budget Poor contacts Poor tools, or awareness of their need Poor knowledge Poor use of actual assets (sometimes even knowing what is an asset and what is not) No te


Planning (Part 1)

Oh crap, I used the "P" word!   Before you all run away I'll say this... It's not an abstract piece of officialdom intended to cramp your style. It's not a bit of business intent to suck your creative soul.   It's not even a necessary evil.   It's simply fundamental.   Marketing your music requires a lot of different tasks, using a lot of different resources, on a lot of different platforms. More to the point it needs them all to be coordinated.  



In one way it seems the obvious thing to do, in another way it seems hard to attain... like grabbing smoke.   Ultimately, connecting to people is largely about understanding them, so that when you speak, you speak in a language they understand. More than that, Marketing to people is about really knowing them, and using that knowledge to communicate effectively.    We we all know that the way we say something will have an effect on how people think of the subject. Marketing is



When artists promote their own music, they need to be confident in their music, a bit pushy... but in a positive, enthusiastic way. Let their natural enthusiasm for their music, for music in general, spark and fuel the enthusiasm within others.   Getting people on board is about inspiring them with a vision. Give them something to believe in. Encourage their hunger. And feed them your music.   Interact with them in positive ways. Even when things are dark for them, your music


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