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When artists promote their own music, they need to be confident in their music, a bit pushy... but in a positive, enthusiastic way. Let their natural enthusiasm for their music, for music in general, spark and fuel the enthusiasm within others.


Getting people on board is about inspiring them with a vision. Give them something to believe in. Encourage their hunger. And feed them your music.


Interact with them in positive ways. Even when things are dark for them, your music should be there. You should make it accessible to them. Encourage them to reach for your music. You can do that through the music itself, but really, it is all about connections and comfort.


Make new connections. Inspire them. Where there are connections, encourage them. Where there are tired connections, revitlise them. Through music, through performance, through interaction... show them there is more, and feed them.


People are always trying to find what they need, and find what they want. If you give that to them, you can make a fan for your music for life.


Fans will value your music, if you value your fans. You can value your fans through the music itself, through your public statements... in whatever way you can. You will hardly inspire loyalty in your fans if you don't demonstrate that the fans are important to you.


There are so many ways to do that. Write a blog as an artist, as a writer. Take part in forums, in chat rooms... even if they are specifically for your existing fans. Talk to people. Personalise their experience. Make them feel like they are important to you.... and you do that by taking an interest, and actually giving a damn. They will feel important, if you actually feel they are important.


If you focus on inspiring people with your music, and inspiring them with your behaviour... it will make a world of difference.


If you think that is overstating the case... imagine an artist who constantly described their music as crap, their fans as disinterested, uninspired. Do you think that likely to inspire you to be a fan? Unlikely. More likely you would look elsewhere.


If you can believe that you can have a negative effect on the adoption of your music, the way it is regarded... well you must also believe that by chosing to do nothing you can have the effect of not naturally destroying your listener base. It follows that if you actually convey your belief that you make good, enjoyable music... then others will pick up on it, and change their view of your music.


Sometimes this can have a far bigger effect than the music itself.


So neglect positivity at your peril. Give your music a chance. Inspire.

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