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I am what i am - i dont know what is it

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Of being lonely, and Flirting just like that

I am lonely. I search for some connection to another person, but i dont admit to myself completelly that i really try to get close to feel understanding and acceptance, and care and all i need. But i dont try too much, to feel blame. I just flirt if i can, but i am telling to myself its just this and im not getting for the result... but it is like this: i do flirt, i dont intend to really get a gf, but i leave the space opened in case i could get something better than living lonely inside. 

Richard Watashi in Punishement

Lets see where im heading...

Wondering why i want to talk so much a to be heard. Im not sure what this time, but let me get there.    So i think the society is not right. You can see the classes and so on in every small or big group of people. These hierarchies seem to matters everything, but what if its not totally truth? Like the everything isnt perfect.    I f*ck it. Sorry. It doesnt even matter. 

Richard Watashi in Punishement

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