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  1. its up to you. dont think id be angry, i just talk
  2. hmm, i was not selected. i get it that my stuff is not fitting the Songstuff society too much better, than as a black sheepy thing that you need, like every place has its weirdo. And i could be proud about me, being different. Just working on getting self aware more.
  3. I am lonely. I search for some connection to another person, but i dont admit to myself completelly that i really try to get close to feel understanding and acceptance, and care and all i need. But i dont try too much, to feel blame. I just flirt if i can, but i am telling to myself its just this and im not getting for the result... but it is like this: i do flirt, i dont intend to really get a gf, but i leave the space opened in case i could get something better than living lonely inside. This loneliness isnt bad. I use it as a personal growth. Its not natural to be lonely too long, they say. definitelly good as well for introspections, and getting more self focused. Its all still hard, but this year was best since many of the previous...
  4. All that i ever wrote was either honest writting, or it just reflected something important, or it was a lot of times naive pretending, or a game on saying something i didnt understand. I mean i can put lyrics that i know are not shit at least for me, cause i can understand what i say - and i say what i mean and i mean it if its figured out. is it better to.. write more natural, or cover it in nice clothes, i mean to play with words just for it to looks better.. but i think when you write, its more important to think of the meaning. And to get to the center of the whatever.
  5. Wondering why i want to talk so much a to be heard. Im not sure what this time, but let me get there. So i think the society is not right. You can see the classes and so on in every small or big group of people. These hierarchies seem to matters everything, but what if its not totally truth? Like the everything isnt perfect. I f*ck it. Sorry. It doesnt even matter.
  6. Hey John and all the musical people. have never been at the comunity playlist. I recently started on SoundCloud again. Its all categorized as Electronic, cause if i think about the genre - i would call it Electronical Effort To Hold On but that just doesnt sound like a genre. I have a few tracks on SC. I have not many successes and so.. Would be glad if i could get there. Check out Richard Watashi on #SoundCloud https://soundcloud.app.goo.gl/vfj3x
  7. I dont listen to music. It is wet outside, i can hear the cars passing by and throwing the water of the road. The wind is heavily breathing, he works hard. From the other room i can hear the TV. They are watching something old and Czechish. I just guess, it sounds so. I dont hear much more. Movements i make. Sounds i make. And the silence that is here, telling me to dont rush. It tells me to move on, when im sure.
  8. Thank you Patchez. I can follow, but i mostly cant do what is right. I feel like i am too late for living.
  9. I am so cool, i think nobody can hurt me. I just feel so great, ANd i love her, the one that knocks on my window to go out (and even she mostly stops here because she wants something from me, i just really like her).
  10. Been working on a track since morning till late and placed it here in the critique thread. I was really sure i am on a right track to have a potent material. I didn't get high / or drank. I felt negativelly though. And tomorow i have to travel. And i hope i am hired since next Tuesday, however i am scared of the new job. Now it is 23.05 - so >this was my day in a nutshell.
  11. Thank you for the lies. It is like a self defense mechanism . I lie to myelf sometimes, to not to see the hurtfull truth. YOu lie to me, that you dont hate me because you are just thinking it is a good/ or rather - the what the normality wants you to do. The problem is that you really hate me, and you want to hurt me only passively, so nobody can see it. Or you know what ? it is all bullshit. I think i can throw this idea to thrash... no, i am lying. I cant shake it off my head
  12. I hasitate to be certain of everything i can sense, but not confirm. I am hesitating, hile people keep on talk, talk, and believe in something. ...but i don't have the will to live in illusions. I don't know nothing man, nothing at all...
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