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The example of a timeline of release for a hit single layout details how motivation and determination played a key role in the success.     "We learned that self-releasing artists are creating music way more frequently than ever before and they should."   https://www.musicbusinessworldwide.com/music-creation-has-changed-fan-behavior-has-changed-and-therefore-artists-needs-for-digital-music-distribution-have-changed-too/  

Spotify Canvas: Increase Your Track Shares by 145%

You know when you play a song on Spotify and you see a short looping video? Yeah, that’s a Spotify Canvas.   Have you tried adding a Spotify Canvas to you songs on Spotify?  If so, have you tracked your results and do you see a difference in your shares?  If you haven't, try it out on your new releases and your old ones, too.        For the full article, with great information https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2022/03/07/spotify-canvas/        

Pitch Your New Music to Amazon Music’s Playlists

On your New Release plan, step out and include pitching your music directly to Amazon’s playlist curators for their consideration. These DIY instructions walk you through the easy process from getting  verified on Amazon Music for Artists and using the New Release Tool.   https://diymusician.cdbaby.com/news/pitch-your-new-music-to-amazon-musics-playlists/

Peggy in Tips of the Trade

Do You Sing In The Shower?

"Singing in the shower makes you happier, study shows"   This is a fun article about the benefits of singing in the shower.  It even has a spot by vocal coaches about how to improve your shower singing.  Who knew?    I'm working on a new playlist.  It's going to be songs to sing while showering.    Do you sing in the shower?  If you do, what songs do you sing?  Do you have any shower singing tips or techniques that you want to pass along? What songs do you think wou

Peggy in Tips of the Trade

Creating Content for a Specific Audience is Important In Music Marketing

Know your audience Knowing your audience is a vital part of modern music marketing. If you understand who your audience is, you can provide more engaging content. Content that is specifically designed to trigger the people reading it.   It is an oversaturated market, and so it is highly important for you to stand out as an artist.    Entrepreneur and film director Brad Dervish Aj, better known by the online alias "Nilladriz," gives insight into how he tailors his music vide

Peggy in Tips of the Trade

Guide to Lighting for Streaming Video

No one can deny the importance of video to musicians, especially in this pandemic dominated world. The problem for musicians is that now there are a great number of livestreams to choose from. If you want your livestreams and videos to stand out from all the others, there are few things as important as lighting!   So I found this great article, which lays it all out. After this you really have no excuse for not looking fantastic!   "I’m here to talk about something purely vain a
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