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An aggregation of the music Industry news, opinions, products and how to from all around....

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What Could Happen To Pro Tools With The Rumoured Avid Sale?

You might have caught a whiff of the rumors about a take over at Avid by Francisco Partners.   The article below lays outs some examples and considerations of what it could mean for Avid products and ProTools users. Not the most positive about how they address the purchase.  There's so many aspects of the company and user types.   But, I expect that smaller industry users and indies might be effected, mostly by pricing.  Which worries me a bit.  I'm hoping that there will be som

Peggy in News

Is a User-Centric Model a Better Option for Musicians?

There's a lot of concern and frustration about how an artist is to make money on music platforms. Artists have been expressing their concerns and Industry giants say they have been "trying" to address the issues.  This article is an opinion piece. I think it does a pretty good job laying out some of the most glaring issues. Most specifically, the fraud occurring on their music platforms.     "We are willing to make the switch to a user-centric model if that’s what artists, songwriters,

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7 of the Biggest Problems with the Music Industry

"Music is a tough business that necessitates an unusual combination of talents and traits. Musicians often have to take on a lot of business-related work and must balance many other responsibilities."   https://www.musicianwave.com/biggest-problems-with-the-music-industry/

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Why music marketing is so EXHAUSTING these days

Such a well-written and informative article detailing what both established and new artists are up against in marketing their music. Worth a read.     "Keeping a frequent presence on various social media platforms is becoming too much for many artists’ mental health, performance, and overall well-being. How did it get to this point?"   https://www.hypebot.com/hypebot/2022/06/why-music-marketing-is-so-exhausting-these-days.html

Peggy in News

CD Baby Selects Trolley as Payout Partner —

"Streamlining Payments to Its Global Clientele Of 1.2+ Million Recording Artists   CD Baby, easily one of the world’s largest  music distribution companies, has partnered with customizable payout platform Trolley. "   https://www.digitalmusicnews.com/2022/05/16/cd-baby-trolley-payout-partner/  

Peggy in News

"Fake artists" on streaming platforms?

"MBW reported on news that has re-sparked the debate around “fake artists” on Spotify   Subsequent to publishing that story, an anonymous (and clearly well-informed) MBW reader sent an email that detailed every angle of what’s going on."   Today (March 30) MBW published that email in full. As they say "Strap in."     https://www.musicbusinessworldwide.com/an-mbw-reader-just-blew-open-the-spotify-fake-artists-story-heres-what-they-have-to-say/

Peggy in News

How many artists are earning enough to live from Spotify and other streaming services?

Now my Statistics professors always said you can prove anything with stats .... but If you like statistics this is a good layout with a string of fresh data concerning what Spotify artists earned from its service in 2021.     The streaming platform has updated its Loud & Clear website.  Below is one of many breakdowns  on what these stats represent.     https://www.musicbusinessworldwide.com/52600-artists-generated-over-10k-on-spotify-last-year-and-15140-of-them-uploaded-

Peggy in News

What Year is It? Nearly a Third of the iTunes Top 100 Taken By Oldies, New Releases Not Catching On

This is so interesting. So what’s going on here? Do you have any ideas or reasons that you think might be causing this??     Is it an iTunes promotion clogging the chart? Or a lack of interest in current music? Or both? Nature, you know, abhors a vacuum.   https://www.showbiz411.com/2022/01/16/what-year-is-it-nearly-a-third-of-the-itunes-top-100-taken-by-oldies-new-releases-not-catching-on

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".. the $9.99 monthly price point is now also becoming a fixture of another important – and fast-growing – segment of the modern music industry: that offering artists tools and instruments with which to create music and sell creations."   https://www.musicbusinessworldwide.com/are-we-witnessing-the-rise-of-the-9-99-creator-subscription-economy/ 

Peggy in News

NFTs next hit may be music industry

@Mahesh brought up NFT's in the music industry just the other day in a meeting we were in. Thought I'd do some follow-up and start looking a little deeper into it.     In the music world, an NFT could be defined as a rare collectible that is stored on a digital ledger.    https://www.dallasobserver.com/music/how-are-nfts-changing-the-music-industry-also-what-the-hell-is-an-nft-12012567   Former music manager, Merck Mercuriadis, who once counted Beyonce and Guns N’ R

Peggy in News

The best times to post on social media in 2021

"Brands and their customers were constantly adapting in the way they operated online, leading to new patterns of interaction and engagement on social media."   https://www.google.com/amp/s/sproutsocial.com/insights/best-times-to-post-on-social-media/%3famp

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How Spotify Royalties Actually Work

"While many in the music community believe that Spotify royalties should be larger, the specifics of how they are calculated aren’t always well understood.   Here, we clear the fog."     https://www.hypebot.com/hypebot/2021/11/how-spotify-royalties-actually-work.html 

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