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Lyrical Motivation


I am churning out music I am happy with, a lot quicker than I am currently managing to produce lyrics. It's not a wuestion of ideas, it's motivation.

I thinked I've sussed out what's wrong (again). Motivation. (still) I just don't spend enough time writing.

When I sit down with an instrument I can simply express myself. My inner feelings are given a voice and it's good just to let that out.

With lyrics, I tend to put a lot of myself into them. They are about me, my life, or something that has touched my life. As a younger writer I would be just as happy to write about other people's lives or abstract situations.

The fact that I now write about something personal means that every lyric means raking over coals, open up wounds etc, making the whole thing a far less pleasing experience. It does also give me a somewhat more limited subject matter.

Maybe it's about time I was a bit less inward looking. Not give it up, more re-engage in writing from different perspectives at the same time.

I now have a huge backlog of tunes with part written lyrics. Time I knuckled down!


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Why not dream up an alter ego, and write from his/her perspective! The possibilities are endless! :)Might try that myself...

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I know exactly what you mean John and I have tried to "just write!" but they always end up FEELING contrived and I'm not satisfied at all by the whole experience.

I find that "people watching" can be a good way to become inspired if you yourself have no emotions churning and burning to get out ( and sometimes we don't....and that's fine!)

Because I don't drive I get to do a lot of people watching on public transport....buses trains etc

You would not BELIEVE some of the people I have met.... from strippers to con artist gamblers, drug addicts, kids who have run away from home because their dad beats the crap out of them everytime he gets drunk.....and a lot of nice little old ladies with PLENTY of stories to share :)

Why not give it a go?

Do something different?

Connecting with other people and THEIR lives (or just observing and imagining) can sometimes end up with YOU feeling some kind of strong emotion inside.

After all........if we keep doing the same thing we'll inevitably end up with the SAME result.

At least.....that's what Dr Phil says........lolol!

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If you haven't already, perhaps you could put your tunes up somewhere for potential lyricists can hear them... maybe they already have lyrics waiting for a tune?


Hint! Hint!




LOL I just saw this was posted in 2007! Maybe you've written a few more lines since then?

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