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Getting My Studio Into Shape!


So, I have been reworking my studio. The purpose has been to update my core system while preparing it for future developments, both for my own music, Deep Red Sea, and of course Songstuff.


The feature photo for this post IS NOT my studio, but it does feel like that sometimes! That’s why I chose it.


One big change ups setting up the studio as a viable streaming studio. I already have a couple of good lights and a green screen, along with a couple of decent back drops... I have a good DSLR  I can use as a main camera and a webcam I can use for a second view, and I could use my phone as a 3rd shot.


I have upgraded the RAM on my music system (which is my old general PC, repurposed for music) to 64Gb which is awesome. With an SSD primary drive it should be pretty fast and quiet.


Meanwhile, I have repurposed my old Music PC as my general PC, but it will now live in the studio and also by my live stream controller! Awesome!


All this came about because the RAM on my old music PC was maxed out at 16Gb, and it was struggling... something had to give and I would much rather see the potential benefits that simply see limitations.


So, my now newly upgraded music system has had a mini makeover, most software already installed.... so I should be good to start recording this weekend....




I have the beginnings of laryngitis! Eek! So no vocals. :(


On a good note, hopefully, that means I can do the Deep Red Sea mix of Sleep (great track by Mahesh)! About time too....


I’ve also started going through my tracks trying to sort out what will be on my EP. They are largely pre-written. I have a couple of different tracks written for an open tuning on my guitar. We’ll see where they fit best!


Happy days!



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Hi John,

I now have my very first mini-studio together. I have no real clue what most of the knobs/buttons on my mixer are for, but, so far, I have figured out how to hook in my new Rode mic, and good earphones, adjust the mic volume, and get it to work with my BIABox. Wish me luck!!!

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