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Recording A New Song...


It's been a while since I worked on a recording, well at least a serious recording anyway. At the moment I've started by laying down a guide guitar track, bass drums and some strings. I sometimes block in a track to act as frame for working up the parts, and other times I already have a clear view of the full arrangement. I find varying how I approach the recording, arrangement or writing helps keep me in a creative mood.

Anyway, on this track I started with bass, strings, drums then guitar. The first 3 were really to serve as a canvas for the guitar. I find it a lot easier to get into a specific feel than playing to a simple click track. After recording the guitar I'll record a guide vocal and then go back and work up the rhythm section, work on the melody aspects of the bass guitar, then re-record the guitar with rhythm section promoting more of the feel that I want for the song.

After all that I'll fill out the other main instrumentation, and probably take out the existing strings. Once a fuller arrangement is there I'll go back and lay down a finished vocal.

As I say, I like to vary my approach, and different songs suggest different approaches. Some I have a set idea, others I want to explore during the recording phase or bring the recording right into the songwriting phase, sometimes having absolutely nothing until I start recording and write a song from there.

I'm enjoying this and looking forward to finishing a new track. :)

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Sounds good, John. Always nice to hear how others work. Esp. nice to see you back recording and enjoying yourself.

All the best! + Cheers~


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