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  1. Elbow - The Night Will Always Win "I tried to clothe your bones with scratchy super 8's, exaggerated stories and old tunes"
  2. Been trying to work a lot more guitar into my tracks recently because I've been thinking about exactly this topic. It's difficult because as a songwriter I want to write music that I feel other people will appreciate and at the moment that sound is a pop/hip-hop hybrid. It was original at one point and I think still has a lot to offer the industry and hopefully an injection of guitar led rock/pop will push it into a new dimension. I used to listen to a lot of Jellyfish and Badfinger and I loved that stuff, Jeff Beck's even played my guitar. So i'm very much a guitar junkie but I've begun to appreciate what's been happening in the last ten years in Pop music and I think my music might show both of those aspects. https://soundcloud.com/alex-t-a-treharne/
  3. Hey guys, I've just started a new solo project, everything that I will link you guys to is completely original: FACEBOOK PAGE: https://www.facebook.com/alextreharnemusic SOUNCLOUD: https://soundcloud.com/alex-t-a-treharne In terms of influence I was predominately concerned with rock music when I was younger, listening to a lot of Jellyfish/Badfinger/The Beatles, I fell in love with the melodic work of the 60’s and 70’s and I think that comes through in the tracks, particularly the guitar work. I tend to put down a riff or track a beat from samples first and work the melody in later, slightly untraditional but it’s how I work best. I am primarily a guitarist/vocalist and come from a performance background and as such I’m not a natural behind the buttons in the studio. I did a lot of work last year with a guy called Ed Sanders who’s recently had Radio 1 airtime with his project Xander The Great. He introduced me to the world of RnB and hip-hop – artists like the Weeknd and Frank Ocean and I listened to a lot of soul at this point aswell, Bill Withers and Otis Redding in particular. At the moment I can’t get enough of Bastille and Jamie Woon, Maroon 5 have been making a big comeback in my iTunes aswell – Songs About Jane is probably my favourite album currently. My work rate has been pretty good so there will be lots of demos coming through soon and hopefully you’ll give them a listen. I’m very much still in the early stages of this project and the sound is constantly evolving at the moment. I’m working out of a room in Central London and I think that comes through in the sound of the demos so far, they’re very raw and need to be polished. The plan is to spend a lot of time in a studio over the next few months in order to arrive at a sound that I am happy with. Cheers ALECS.
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