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  1. Initially your songs and your way of singing with style statement,makes popular as a singer.later when you gain a level of popular that audience blindly believe in your music they are ready to accept anything from your side.Means before marketing yourself as brand be a good and unique product.That's it.....
  2. I am huge fan of Luke Bryan and Sara Evans ...always try to grab their live concert and music.Please let me know if any live concert orgnize in London...
  3. Hey bro!! I have downloaded your stuff,it really awesome and goin to join your Twitter page to for further update.As I am also related to a band so it will be nice to share our experience about music.
  4. Hey its a good poll to identify all the talented and hidden talent of person ,who wants to join music industries.Good one John ,keep it up and let me know for further post!!!!
  5. Yes I want to know about all the details ...so can you please give me details about the events?
  6. The levels are not so good ,quite commercial kind of music,good start you will be good by practicing more and more.
  7. Which kind of music you like it seems you are Rock music lover and you are playing guitar so aggresively may be its the reason for finger pain.Have you join any institute for proper guideline ?
  8. Hey your are multi-talented ,you are a singer,composer and lyricist too...It just wowwww for me .keep it up......
  9. Its terrifying hilarious awesome!!!! but need to take a class to learn about Vocal and chorus....Join a good institute for vocal and impress the world with your voice....these all yours !!!i know you are a future rockstar!!!!!!!
  10. Are you beer lover?your vocal a bit low in high pitch, which may be due to cold or you daily habitted of desert kind of thing like beer or ice cream etc?Is it? Otherwise you voice quality not so bad.Need to work on Chorus.....
  11. Yes you have to,you need to work on your vocal more and learn about chorus.you are not bad singer but need to improve it.....A bit of regular practice on your vocal make you like a rock star.
  12. Hai, gang can you add some video's?
  13. Hey, thank you guys for your great support.
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