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  1. Language on the page? Most of my fans find me because of my Youtube channel. But when they get to my bandcamp page, they just play the songs and don't download them I offer everything for free...for the time being. I feel like charging people to enjoy your art and putting your name out there isn't a good idea. How could I do this? Like, what "action statements"? Well, how do I get people to sign up for a mailing list? I mean, if they won't download my music enough to download it, why would they care enough to sign up for a mailing list? Also, I kinda feel like my Twitter and other sites act as the same thing. My followers see updates and stuff, so it serves the same purpose, right? I can't get a warm market though. I don't have any fans, and the ones I do "have" don't download anything. Like, I kind of get what I need to do once I HAVE fans, but how do I get them in the first place? Looking forward to it!!
  2. Thanks But seriously, how does one turn traffic into downloads?
  3. So, I've got myself a bandcamp page. And it's linked via my twitter and YouTube and all that.And I get a lot of hits (at least a lot for me), and even a lot of plays. But I can't ever get any downloads. I also upload material to newgrounds.com and I have over 200 combined downloads...but on my bandcamp, I can't get any. I know my music is good (as evidenced by the amount of downloads elsewhere and listens, etc), but why don't people download it?
  4. Unsure if this goes in this spot. If this isn't the right place, feel free to move it. But I'd really appreciate it you guys could listen to my new songs? One is experimental insturmental The "b-side" is an Elton John cover... Feedback would be great. http://lemoncrush.bandcamp.com/
  5. So we're writing 14 songs, from 2/1/13 to 2/28/13? Piece. Of. Cake. I write like 14 a week. lol
  6. I just want people to hear and like what I make.I dn't have any desire for money, really, I just want to know that people like it.
  7. I write them first, obviously...I have about 5 notebooks full of sketches of riffs, chords, melodies, etc. Of ones I really like, I record them. Then, from there I decide whether or not they're good enough to put out. For my latest record, for example, I've recorded probably 15 (?) songs...with 35 to go. Then I will decide which of those will go on the album...the rest go away on a hard drive...an archive or vault you could say. Then I release singles on Youtube, Bandcamp, and Newgrounds.com Then I release the albums on Youtube and Bandcamp As for promotion, I don't really know how to promote or build fans. So I'm basically releasing music to/for no one :/ But oh well...I do have a tiny amount of fans, but oh well. I'm hoping to reach a wider audience with this next album, I just don't know how I'm gonna do it on the cheap.
  8. Prince- I Will Prince- Anna Stesia Prince- Computer Blue Ernie Isley- Taste of Love Jimmy Page- Ten Years Gone Jimmy Page- You Shook Me Eddie Hazel- Good Thoughts, Bad Thoughts Kirk Hammett- Ride the Lightning David Gilmour- Time Just a few...
  9. I can totally respect Uematsu, and his abilities, and his obvious status... But it doesn't do much for me...
  10. Yes, Koji Kondo is a genius. In fact, I find most Japanese musicians are really spectacular. But I'm not just influenced by the music of old games, but just the art form of their visuals and atmosphere in general. Like I said, I can't really explain how I apply the lessons I learn from games to my music...it's just like...I play Majora's Mask or something, and I get little visual cues and atmospheric ideas from it...somehow. I can't explain it haha
  11. It's late, so I'll check all you guys out tomorrow But check out my channel in my sig. I'll sub you if you sub me I update every couple weeks. Usually in the form of music discussion, but I upload music there too as well. In fact, I have a whole playlist of stuff you can only hear on YouTube....special stuff for all 13 of my fans haha
  12. Depends on the music. And easy way to think of it is this. Who's voice would I like to have... And the answer is Stevie Wonder or Ronald Isley, I think.
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