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    I just write songs up and I want to know what other people think of them
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    I listen to a lot of music and I thought why not try writing a little myself

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  1. Normally what I do to inspire myself is listen to a bunch of new music, so if you need more inspiration I'd try the same thing. It's coming along very well. Also this seems like a rhyming piece, but In Paragraph two you seem to not do much rhyming, if any at all and I don't know what your going to to with the rest of the song, but I think that if you could get the things In at second paragraph to rhyme it would sound amazing. Even something simple, like rhyme wing with thing. You clipped my wings Even though I've never flown Glued my broken pieces to that thing That you call a home Expecting the glass But I never shattered You wanted forever And I still felt scattered I can't give you forever I'm not that cliche I ain't one to change And I won't break today I don't know, I kind of write those things on the spot, but I think you get the idea. I really hope I helped.
  2. Welcome to the forums Musicislife :)

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