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    I'm a preferred author on Writing.com
    I just started entering contests on the Country and Western Music Forum. I write simple lyrics, nothing sophisticated or complicated. I find simplicity as what everyone can understand.
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  1. Loneliness isn't your friend

  2. Thank you Hobo Sage, and Dnafe, for your help and suggestions. Your right, we used one microphone and recorded using audacity. The room is a small room and Mike was recording in front of the computer into audacity about 2 feet away. So the sound card has nothing to do with recorder? This is a brand new Gateway HDMI Vision PC. I thought it was a cheap sound card that was effecting the sound. We will try your suggestions Dnafe, and see if that improves the quality. Again thank you both for your help. Goldy .
  3. How can you get rid of a muffled guitar sound? I've tried an expensive microphone, audacity, turning up the equalizers on the out put of the stereo. Nothing seems to work. Everyone that listens to the recordings thinks my husband is using the Wah- wah effect, when in fact he's playing an acoustic guitar. It's ruining what could be a half decent recording. Any suggestions would be so appreciated. Thanks Goldy Here is a sample of what it sounds like http://www.reverbnation.com/SandyMason/song/19350868-see-his-face
  4. I belong to Muse's Muse, and I have never found the support or the learning experience, that I have gotten from this forum. Plus, the challenges there in my opinion can't compare to the ones that John has presented here. I 'm learning more here, than I did in Pat Pattison's course. Where can you get a professional songwriter musician, that is so personally invested in everyone he presents an opportunity to better themselves as a songwriter for no cost.? I'm not slamming Muse's Muse, I'm just giving my opinion from personal experience, it's a good forum, it's just not as personal. Goldy .
  5. I gotta get my head out of this cloud Erase your name from my mind Start lookin' for someone new and leave your memory behind
  6. Welcome to the forums goldylocks :)

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