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  1. I`ve accomplished 3d video for the main track, working on the rest of tracks. Release at the end of April...

  2. working on new EDM album and 3d video...

  3. at the moment am participating in St Valentine Contest)) anti-love songs))

  4. my 15-years-old guitar has broken

  5. my 15 years old guiter has broken(((

  6. Hello, I try to find out ways of protecting tracks against copying them. The easiest (as it s well-known) is to use watermarks, but it actually annoys while litening to the track. But I know another way: during listening to a track you can`t hear any extra sound but if you try to copy it the result will be awful - the sound will be with a very low quality. But I can`t find companies which provide this service. Has anybody heard about them? or how this option is called correctly? Thank you in advance.
  7. Thank you for the information! Very helpful!!!
  8. I`ve chosen the answer " when they sound dull or become harder to tune by ear". I do it when it`s necessary, as I really dislike playing guitar with new strings)), from time to time they need to be arranged during a week or more after change...
  9. I never use metronom (it`s not good I know). If I play only guitar it doesn`t matter, if use instrumental progs it doesn`t matter either. It needs only if I plan to add some arranges to my guitar and then it s a real problem. But I can`t do anything about that, I can`t play with metronom.
  10. Hello, HoboSage, first of all thank you for advice! (about improving my current guitar). I`ll search about it. While working with another musicians and communicating with their producer and discussing things we came to conclusion it ll be really better to change guitar to electro-acoustic. I can record my voice without noise I have about 5 mics)), one is professional and others are simple. I have Steinberg cubase 5 that I dont use actually as it quite complicated even for professional musicians (it was adviced by professionals to use smth simplier at least for the first time). And, yes, my room is ordinary one)) I dont have studio cabinet yet, unfortunately. So the easiest way is to buy guitar that can connect to pc directly. But I ll search what you`d recommended, maybe it can be a solution as well...
  11. Hi, I ask for advice, which electro-acoustic guitar better to choose. As I`m not in a band and record songs at home I try to improve the quality of recording in way I can manage. While recording acoustic quitar via mic it makes a lot of noise as I can`t connect guitar to pc directly. That`s why I decided to buy electro-acoustic one. I can`t afford expensive guitar though. On some forums it is said that there`re some with reasonable price and good quality (good enough ). Could you advice me any brands that can meet these requirements? Thank you in advance!
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