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  1. Diving deeper into music industry...

    1. Show previous comments  1 more
    2. Just1L

      So what exactly does diving deeper entail?

    3. BrainClaim

      Well, it entails a lot of things such as I am getting closer to the secrets of making all the sounds and to the ways to make dynamic composition :) By diving deeper I simple mean that I am developing myself :)

    4. Just1L

      Ah, gotcha. I thought it meant you got a job somewhere's in the industry. You're version sounds better.

  2. Hello everyone, there goes another syntethic composition I made on Renoise and I am giving it to You for free download. I don't know what You feel about the tune. I tried to make it sound like a story of no hope with the happy ending in the end. This song has no climax, it is short, it is rather more like a accompanying tune for a video. That's why I am giving it to You! Enjoy & Share! Cheers BrainClaim
  3. The song is great, I love the melody, flow, rythm, but I think that there is too much noise in it which affects whole the song, maybe it is because of some effect in mastering, or there was something in mixing that didn't fit the mastering. I suggest to use band pass limiter and try to lower down the high frequency on the equalizer and try to make the bass a little by stronger. The sound spectrum should be like: bass is the strongest factor and least strongest are the high frequencies. I hope I helped you just a little bit
  4. Hello everyone! I was honored to make a remix out of the pre-mixed vocals of Bonnie Legion, singer from California. I hope You enjoy it! I will be very grateful for every feedback, no matter how negative will it be. To fulfill the melody and make vocals more variable, I cut vowels from the vocals, so there is no certain word that you can hear, just vowels, perhaps „the eye“ can be recognized, but that was just a coincidence. Here are the lyrics: I am gonna run to the outside... (Vowels Vocalic Lead) I am gonna run to the outside... (Vowels Vocalic Lead) Lost my faith on the inside 4x[i am gonna run to the outside] Lost my faith on the inside I am gonna run to the outside... 3x[Lost my faith on the inside] I am gonna run to the outside 4x[i am gonna run to the outside] Lost my faith on the inside I am gonna run to the outside Lost my faith on the inside I am gonna run to the outside (Vowels Vocalic Lead) You can check out her songs: https://soundcloud.com/bonnie-legion You can also check out and pick up her vocals: https://soundcloud.com/bonnie-legion-vocals
  5. Hi guys, I am beginner at song making and I am currently working with the Renoise software, I prefer making uplifting trance and psychedelic trance, nice to meet you all! https://soundcloud.com/jackie-john-binar
  6. Welcome to the forums BrainClaim :)

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