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  1. Thanks Steve, I have a little better handle on it now. There are still a few things I don't understand. But I'm learning. I have noticed that the DAW doesn't use the system EQ at all. I mean it doesn't work when the DAW is loaded. So my question was kind of stupid in the first place. Dum Dum Da DUM! Thanks again Sir, EJB
  2. No prob. I dig it. The song in question is "I Want You" (She's So Heavy) I can't wait to hear the final cut... "Don't Take The Sky" sounds great, kinda Dark just the way I like it. EJB
  3. Hmmm Wow, Ummmm I didn't know whether to think The Beatles or Black Sabbath....until 1:08 and that is a nice section that really could be exploited and made Incredible. I really like this Song. "Mistakes' were made" maybe a few but it didn't really matter much and it's hard to tell given the way you presented it. Cool Stuff Man, EJB Interesting Title btw
  4. You mean there's another way to play the Bass? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmm EJB
  5. Tom your comments have been very helpful. I just got a new DAW upgrade and can't wait to dig in. I had suspicions that I should disable my sys. EQ (not just set it flat) I thought that the DAW worked independently from the sound card EQ I also need to use the studio monitors more.
  6. Thanks Tom, Yes this helps a lot. Especially how you listen to trial mixes. I usually run the EQ flat but have had 2 HD crashes and when I finally got my system back up. Nothing is the way I had/remember it. I usually mix on headphones (I know) I have KRK monitors but rarely use em I think they have some compensation. I am going to look into the software that analyzes your room and helps you correct and adjust for inconsistency. Thanks again Sir, EJB
  7. Looks like a Popularity contest? Is it mainly U.S. users? What are the criteria?
  8. What Flavor of Metal are you speaking of?
  9. Hey folks I was just wondering if Y'all disabble the system sound enhancements. My system uses Realtek High Definition Audio and has an EQ which if I turn off while mixing it sounds HORRIBLE. I could Mix to make it sound good with it off but when I turn it back on? I just was wondering how Y'all deal with your system Sound Card. Thanks, EJB
  10. If no one else has mentioned this, Try... Take a pencil and rub the lead on the Nut slots and your Bridge slots the Graphite helps to keep from getting caught up?
  11. I use Samplitude Pro X and just bought Pro X2 Suite There are just too many things to mention. It is incredible. I'll post more when I get Pro X2 up and running.
  12. EJB

    Jazz Guitar

    Joe Pass used a D'Aquisto here.
  13. I would post a song or two on this site for review if I were you. The feedback from these folks is awesome as well as Very Valuable As far as Taxi is concerned I am not recomending nor dissing them but the band "Crossfade" was signed from a Taxi submission and Randy Bachman is a member. One thing I will say If you do decide to join (Taxi) and submit material, Your stuff better be Really Good they are a tough nut to crack. Which is why I think so many think it is a scam. Also there are Thousands maybe Milloions of Bands, Singers Songwriters etc. the percentage of those getting signed is well to be honest I have no idea. You can always go the route of doing it yourself others have done it. The success rate of the thousands that do? I have no clue. The most important thing is don't give up no matter what the odds. You may be the next big deal. EJB
  14. On a serious note I'm not much of a story teller so most of my lyrics just come to me. usually when I go to bed and as I am fallling asleep or I will wake up in the middle of the night. Ocasionally I will wake up in the morning with a Melody and Hook running through my mind. I also will go for a long drive while trying to refine or rewrite Lyrics. It really works well for me. Great Topic BTW, EJB
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