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  1. haha that guys is awesome!! I could see and watch him do that for awhile I think. Entertaining.
  2. Sounds like we are in full understanding. As for pre-amps, I have a Joe Meek tube box for some color but mostly I prefer my RNP from FMR that I picked up around 5 years ago. Its a nice little Class A preamp that gives an awesomely clean sound (no color) which works great for me to experiment with. I also have the RNC compressor for DI bass should I need it but I usually just skip the comp and keep my levels low with a lot of headroom. I personally haven't tried any of the higher end preamps, other than turning knobs in a music store. and no worries for being long winded.. you should see the last post I made in my "Wish it Away thread" http://forums.songstuff.com/topic/40322-wish-it-away/
  3. Thanks for your explaination Starise.. it is much appreciated. Personally I would not consider workflow and plug-ins etc as part of the sonic quality argument.. but I can also see how it WOULD impact it on application considering how one would use it. I guess because I don't use some of the features you mentioned I wouldn't experience everything. I mostly use "straight up audio recording" with a side of midi. Nothing too fancy, I run a M-Audio Audiophile 24/96 and the 192. One has two stereo RCA in's and outs (and SPDIF) and the latter 8 ins and outs. For me this made a huge impact compared to the on-board Sound Blaster /Realtek type cards as well as a few USB mics. (I won't even use USB headphones anymore as my headphone amp sounds SOO much better coming out of my 24/96). I am also a fan of the outboard presonus strips. I don't really care for the small USB boxes as I have found them to slow and really quiet. (higher latency also)
  4. I suppose I agree with your analogy.. I just have not experienced a dull knife when it comes to a daw. Except for maybe my Tascam 4-track from 1991.. it produced pretty dull recordings LMAO. If I were being very specific, I would akin a dull knife to inferior plug-ins. So.. if you are grouping "bundled plugs" into your thought process I would probably fully agree. Just my own personal thoughts.. on my own personal experiences. Personally, I would not give a sonic advantage to ANY DAW that I have tried. I feel some are better for loops, some midi, some audio, but its just subjective to my workflow. I HAVE noticed big differences when I started using better converters.. just not any DAW specifically. That said.. I'm not too old of a dog to learn new things so if you have a daw that you feel is sonically superior I will certainly enjoy checking it out. ps- I hope I am not coming off combative with my responses.. I am just enjoying getting specific about my experiences and enjoy learning new things.
  5. While I agree with the summary of your post Starise, I want to reiterate something I said earlier. Any of the programs can make quality music. Its easy to get caught up with "this program is better so it will make better music" much like Mac vrs PC. Its like saying you'll be a better painter if you get the nicer paint set. They are all just different "tools" to create music using similar but different approaches. Which is why its important to try a few different programs to see if their "approach" is more inline with how you instinctively like to do things. that is all.. nice post Starise
  6. Glad you liked it man.. and thanks for telling me about that Beatles song. I can see now that when I played it on the acoustic it sounded different. Once I put dirt on it there was no mistake. Good to know and thanks again for helping me out!!
  7. re: the new computer.. just make sure to spend the money on good converters! Don't just plug a cheap USB mic in or send a nice outboard preamp to the STOCK soundcard jack. In my opinion that is the only thing that matters really assuming you get a decent enough computer for usual tasks. I still prefer the internal soundcards over the USB boxes myself but they can both sound good) I still have a PC in my basement from like 1998 running Windows ME that can still run Reaper with zero issues. Granted.. it gets choppy when I get over 12-15 tracks but that thing is like a single core 1.2ghz
  8. honestly I have used extensively many many of them.. and they all work well and can all produce the same quality work. It really just depends on how you prefer to do things. Any of them can make great music. I started in Fruity Loops, then Cakewalk Midi, then Cakewalk Sonor, Cubase for awhile, ProTools and Logic on my friends machines, Ableton and another one that you paint the loops that the name escapes me. I was comfortable and settled into Cubase for a few years until I tried Reaper v2. For me the workflow was the most intuitive for how I like to do things. It was hard giving up Cubase because of how pretty it was and how used to the built in plug-ins I had become. Ease of use won though and I stuck with Reaper. Since then he's (the developer) been continuing improvements and is now up to v4.76 and it runs like a beast. Its by far the lightest running software.. it feels clean and fast. I will say though, the learning curve trying to pick up Reaper as a first DAW would be pretty steep. Its up there with ProTools and Logic and the rest of that sort of DAW as compared to like Garage Band or FL Studio which are more limited and self guiding... all just my opinion though
  9. that's it! Beatles.. I was pretty sure that pre-chorus riff (:51) sounded familiar to me but I couldn't place it so I kept playing it. Do you recall which song? I am happy you enjoyed the chorus part. That's my favorite part too.. this clip here was a result of me finishing up some beer tasting (for science!) and "rocking up" this song that I started a few months ago as a joke: I started playing music with a couple of guys and thought I would bring this song if I could work out the parts. I'll keep spit balling ideas and hopefully finish out the song solidly. Thanks for listening and responding!
  10. I could listen to you pickin' next to the fire all night. Nice. The recording itself isn't very strong but it sounds like you just turned on a room mic and started playing.. which is cool too
  11. I am off work for a long weekend. I cracked an early beer and felt musical so I made this ditty. I left room for someone to lay down some rap vocals or speech or vocoder or darth maul or anything. Just sharing.......
  12. fun version man, nice job. I liked it.
  13. excellent job. Great playing, singing.. performances are perfect. Thanks for posting!
  14. I don't mind using a capo for this, if I am playing mostly first position chords. The problem with using it while trying to play leads is that you have a different 1st position chord (key) than for leads. This is confusing for me when playing on the fly. Your mileage may vary..
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