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  1. The line was; Should I die, don't cry This is not our goodbye My ex-wife was with me at the time and she was very paranoid about me not coming out of theater alive although it was just a straightforward procedure. I can't remember if I ever went on to write more about it though seeing as I lived
  2. I find that it depends on your form of writing. When I wrote my lyrics on paper I found that working on more than one song at a time left a lot of material that would never get used. Now I tend to use the Blackberry to write lyrics which means that I can go from one song to the next without the previous getting lost in a pile of paper.
  3. I am inspired by people around me. I started writing lyrics because of the dark times I was going through and it really helped me when I put them on paper and read them back to myself because in a way I was telling myself how things were and how they could be better. Now if I have a family member/friend that is going through a bad time I will write to cater for them and give it to them. People who do not have the ability to write are left in awe of songs that are written for them.
  4. I am usually on public transport when inspiration hits and from there I just disappear into my own little world and begin to write/type. If I am sitting at home and try to think of something to write I will hit a wall and wont be able to think of anything. Same goes for at work.
  5. Michael Bacon got it write when saying all songs/songwriters are different and I think in time people change the way they write. When I first started writing I would have scrap books with one/two lines and after so long would work tirelessly to piece them all together. Now when I write I have in mind the song I want and I just write continuously until I feel I have enough for a verse/song before checking through it. This way can be effective as I have written plenty of songs in the time of a short bus/train journey but then again there have been times that I have checked over what I have written and its made no sense at all
  6. My preference is chorus first but this all depends on the song. Having the chorus first can ruin a song but it can also work in the complete opposite way. I find the best way is to try recording with both the chorus first and the verse first to find out what fits better.
  7. About 3 years ago I was about to go down to theatre for a hernia operation and seconds before they put the needle in to put me to sleep I thought of a line that I knew I wouldn't remember so I wrote it on my arm with the doctors pen before being knocked out.
  8. Welcome to the forums DarrenH :) Please take time to make your FIRST POST to introduce yourself to our community on our Introduce Yourself board

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