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  1. Thanks for sharing! You are one lucky guy having those musical elves around. Hrm...
  2. Hi! Thanks for sharing! One day, in the subway, someone talked in the phone and said something that got stuck on my mind. I used that line BUT, what if you have a story in your mind, can you manage to get it out or will it take its own way? Deep, deep question, but I am really curious //MMR
  3. Hi! Got a question to you all. When I write lyrics, they just come to me. Usually I have no idea what to write about, I just pick up pen and paper – and there it is! Sometimes the result amazes me when I read the finished story. Do you usually have at least a clue about the story or are you like me and just get the result? Curious to hear YOUR experience! //MMR
  4. Great! Now I can easily write songs in any genre, haha //MMR
  5. Thanks Louielouwhy for the kind words! I loved your explanation on why we'll never see you on stage //MMR
  6. Haha, I was actually considering that for my first performance ever this saturday. But, I'm not sure what it will do to my voice //MMR
  7. Hi all! Thanks for sharing! White Soul Black Heart: Pink Floyd - Wish you Were Here. Dig that one too! Green Bat: I had to "Spotify" Starcastle. Nice music! //MMR
  8. Thanks for checking! Would have been quite embarrassing if you found anything with a young version of me in that type of clothing
  9. Hmm, I don't know if I dare answer this question... For me it was a guy that pimped his leather jacket with bones from a chicken. He was so cool to me I just had to listen to the music he did. Death metal by the age of 15. My mom loved it! Not. //MMR
  10. John: really??? lol! Rudi: hmm, any particular in mind? I actually think the cover for "Magicans Birthday" is quite ok but I happen to like Uriah Heep so...Actually seen them live in Uppsala, Sweden, some years ago. Me, my man and like 20 others, haha. Like a private show //MMR
  11. Amadeo for shure knew how to sell I'm always up for a good laugh, there must be a billion other covers to share. Come on! Dig into your drawers, internet or whatever it takes and share it;) //MMR
  12. I am not a good writer, don't feel like writing a word more than needed. But, your introduction to the blog made me think of my own journey and made me instantly want to write a couple of pages;) Now, I don’t want to bore you with that story on your side so I won’t Anyway, I’m glad you decided to start this blog and I will follow every step you make. Closely…lol. Looking forward to your next post! //MMR
  13. Here's my contributions: Ok, nr 1 and 3 is from my homecountry, not responsible for nr //MMR
  14. Haha, I just have to look up a few swedish from the the past and show you! I'll be back! //MMR
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