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  1. Awesome man! And thanks I figured us who have played alot of shows have a good bit of funny and emberassing stories to tell and I was interested to hear!
  2. Haha oh man. Ya there is a venue in pittsburgh like that called mr. Smalls with the two band set up to save time but ya live sound engineers can either be a blessing or a curse depending on who ya get and their current mood or pay rates. Some however are awesome! Im glad they eventually got u guys fixed up and it sucks the first song was wasted!
  3. Lol! I always hated playing outside shows especially when it was cold outside and my fingers got stiff and all that stuff. Funny stuff!
  4. These are good answers lol! hobosage ive had that happen multiple times, that is never fun but nothing to be ashamed of! At the time I had been playing alot so I was very comfortable on stage and woukd just be like "oh well my hand hurts so im not finishing that" and the crowd would laugh. Just be smooth about it! To be honest if it happened to me now I wouldnt know what to do. I feel ur pain!
  5. The funniest was it this smaller venue and while we were in the middle of a set this guy comes from back stage completely shit faced and he just started dancing like crazy, we had to stop playing until they took him off cause he wouldnt leave. I guess he was at a bar near by and heard us and wanted to come in. Another funny one was when I played guitar for one my older bands and I guess our head singer had to been on the run from the cops and all of us were unaware of it all. So anyways the shows a great turnout and everyones going nuts. It was a great show. So I guess the police in the area knew we were gonna be playing there some how prob from myspace at the time but anyways when we finished the last song and everyone was going crazy the cops buated through the doors our singer took off and was fighting these cops in the middle of this venue and he got away! We were all like "wtf just happened" (I dont suggest you fight cops or stupid stuff like that) but it was a great way to end a show
  6. Download reaper for free. It is recording software that handles alot like protools. It comes with a crap load of pluggins. All the ones u will need except autotune, their tuning pluggins sucks. Pluggin wise id say you cant have too many but the ones I always have ready just in case is Compressor multi band eq reverb delay autotune exciter master limiter
  7. I always liked protools but I honestly like reaper alot. Its free and is alot like protools. It also comes with a large amount of all the plugins you need except a good autotune plugin.
  8. Welcome to the forums gabrielmichaux88 :) Please take time to make your FIRST POST to introduce yourself to our community on our Introduce Yourself board

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