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  1. I got lots of *worst* recordings with ideas I really like, I would never publish them like that. But I like still it. The quality of your recording is pretty good. And yes, or better no, I've never been in a studio.
  2. Hi Mike, sounds like generated. *ggg* http://www.bandnamemaker.com/ Indeed, I do not see a link to any kind of music or lyrics of us. I hardly even can imagine a link at all, as fishtown isn't a proper word. Neverteless, thanks for your suggestion. Cheers Helmut
  3. Thanks Rudi, I even got an avatar for it. *ggg* Cheers Helmut
  4. Hi, sorry for answering late, but I was on holiday last week. A smart idea, and "fit" is great to play with it. I will tell the guys about it, but we found already a name everybody can live with. "Digg'n the Dirt". Reminds me of Peter Gabriels "Digging in the dirt": good musician, good song, good message. There seems to be no band with a name like this (although most of the others didn't care to much about an unique name). And you can play with it too. - Digg'n first - Digg'n again - Digg'n KA Cheers Helmut
  5. Finding an unique name isn't a big problem, just think of the band name generators. But that is garbage. And we have unique names on our list, but they aren't self explaining. Knowing that, I went for a song name, as the lyrics do the explaination for me. But that isn't obvious for someone never heard of us. As we are no "fun band" "fun names" don't fit either. We had several funny name proposals with "frog", making fun about a band (we called frogs) doing rehearsal next to us. We weren't nice and just kidding, but that doesn't suit to a band with serious lyrics either. If we were a blues band we could call us "the great electric show and dance", if we made german lyrics it could be "Schall und Rauch" (as you can see German cabaretists had 1901 the same idea as I had). Schall und Rauch has the meaning of "nothing left", vanishing by sound and smoke. But all that doesn't suit to us. Indeed I don't know why I write English lyrics, why I improvise with English garbage words (that often are the base of the lyrics). German would be much easier for me, but when I let myself flow English words evolve on melodies.
  6. BTW, one idea was "midlife snapshot" to describe the main attitude of the lyrics. We are still without name ... *shame* *ggg*
  7. Midlife Chrysler is a punk band, I guess due to that. It's a fun name, can't understand why people take it serious.
  8. That is really a cool one.
  9. Hi Tom, hi everybody, thanks a lot for your support, but we have to find a name for our own. Just saw that The Diversity is in use too. But Styleless or Unstylish seems to be free. I think my daughter will hate it. Cheers Helmut
  10. Hi guys, thanks for further input. Incognito is in use, we had further ideas e.g. "rag bag" or "midlife chrysler". But all names are in use. And "fun names" aren't really suitable for our music. From the lyrics/music we are more a AOR band (with mostly pretty serious lyrics). We'll see. Thanks again and cheers, Helmut
  11. A good hint, I guess I'm too concentrated on the lyrics. The name should be short and best of course self explaining. It's not easy to find names like "The Doors (of perception)".
  12. Hi Mike, thanks a lot for your comment. I didn't have in mind that the name could be too close to existing or former bands. Of course we aren't a Rod Stewart / Small Faces tribute band. That's a good point. Cheers Helmut
  13. No, no, we ain't got a boss. This is possible because important members don't want to be the boss. The band decides, this is very important for all of us.
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