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  1. ★ Rancangan Kehidupan Sejahtera Eps 13: "Apakah Kesejahteraan Anda Dihambat Faktor Penghambat?"

  2. New favorite song of the week:

    Jess Moskaluke - "Kiss Me Quiet"


  3. oh! so there are backing vocals and there are harmony vocals? what's the difference? are harmony vocals the one singing at a minor third interval above (or minor sixth interval below), and backing vocals don't follow this structure? because i like to multitrack myself so this information is really helpful
  4. wow, i never knew that the voice i hear in my head could be different from what other people hear there was one time when i saw a video recording of myself and my voice did NOT sound like what i usually hear everyday, sounded much deeper and goofier but i still get comments from people who say i have a nice voice
  5. that really provides insight to the whole "are vocals talent or technique?" question i've been asking vocalists for some time now thanks!
  6. there are fundamentals? what fundamentals are there? i just warm up by singing other people's songs first, or playing songs on the piano and singing along
  7. singing live i don't mind my voice, usually as backup vocals for the lead vocalist, sometimes sing lead myself but my voice sounds muddy and goofy when i record it, sounds like i'm constantly smiling, eventhough i'm not
  8. hey maz, yes, i agree too that the most common is the verse-chorus-verse-chorus-bridge-chorus pattern, especially during the glory days of boybands back in the mid 90's . but since rock bands, alternative, indie, and all their derivatives (shoegaze, triphop, etc), there has been a constant growth of variety in how each artist writes their lyrics. of course the common pattern still works, i still feel most comfortable with that pattern when i'm writing lyrics, but i'm currently exercising writing in a different way (which is partially inspired by you! so, thanks for the inspiration) i like how (some) emo bands write their lyrics, it's not your usual sweet-talk, but rather more personal and more diversity in the words they use; country singers are also great lyricists, down to earth and real; i'm not too fond of hip-hop though, since their lyrics are shallow and repetitive imo, and tend to just show off their bling; jazz is cool too, for those late night sessions i think it's true that a lyricist should have a rhyme dictionary and an ordinary one, to find rhymes and synonyms for finding and using better words. i've got one myself and it's really useful.
  9. not only cheapo soundcard ... ONLY soundcard available on the market here where i'm from, and even that isn't available at all vendors there are the mid- to high-end soundcards, but i'd have to order them online, and online shopping isn't reliable or secure here. me? i use my very trusty and very reliable ONBOARD SOUNDCARD! yeah, baby! with no ASIO driver! ha ha! ... that's why i'm putting the cheapo soundblaster live on my no. 2 wishlist (no. 1 is ... a mic stand ... i know ... VERY frugal )
  10. actually, that's what i'm planning to do this time, write 20 in english and the final one in my native language the thing is, it's actually easier for me to write in english, but in consideration to make commercial songs here, i trained myself to write in my native language (which is indonesian, by the way). because from what i've seen and heard, the songs that make it to the top 20 in the official local mtv chart, are indonesian songs only. there is a steady growth of excellent english songs written by local musicians, but they don't make it to the chart, therefore never making it to number one (maybe they might, in radio shows and such). i'm guessing it has something to do with "music politics?" i just might do that
  11. hey tfunk a real one man band aren't you?
  12. hey there afiq i'm endy from indonesia. don't get many south-east-asians here do we? :D
  13. hey jay i play piano and guitar. not good on both (since my primary source for learning are the "for dummies" series) you taking lessons or learning on your own?
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