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  1. I just thought I would throw out there that I have a friend who just got a MacBook, and he is using the Audiobox interface. The cool part is, it comes with recording software that has TONS of bells and whistles, and even tons of samples to use, so perhaps in the future it will cost more. Right now though he got it for $100 or so. Just something to check out
  2. This is a nice reminder to just be straightforward and let the person who is reading the email decide whether you sound like another band or not. It's also a good reminder to be professional when writing promo emails, and remember that it's different from an advertisement; it's akin to applying for a job.
  3. I just read a Songstuff article on creating videos rather than simple email or text social media posts for fan engagement purposes. http://www.songstuff.com/music-business/article/fan_engagement/ There is a lot of interesting stuff in the article. Has anyone here done fan any number of fan engagement videos beyond simple music videos? What has been your experience with it? I'd be curious to know if you ended up hiring someone to regularly record your gigs and studio sessions, etc.
  4. Ooh that's exciting, I will be looking forward to learning more about these things It's cool to know that there are so many ways for the artist to be in charge. Thanks for being willing to put that on your site.
  5. Digital drums can work well, but if the song requires more than something simple, it might be worth it to go with a live drum. One song I did with digital drums took FOREVER to do because I had a certain sound in mind, and there were spots in the song where all the sounds had to be cut and pasted, and hand put in with a keyboard to follow the ebb and flow of the music, and I ended up paying somebody else to do it anyway because I didn't have the expertise to make it work well. In the end it probably would have cost less but sounded just as good to just pay a drummer to put a great track to it. Something to think about- especially since you have a band, it may be worth the investment when the time comes to get the mics for the drum set
  6. Ambitious of you to start your own label! I'm excited to see some of your lyrics. Best of luck with your endeavors
  7. I have to say I liked how she said "The singer is the painter and the band are the paints." I haven't lead a band, but my goal is to be a performing artist and hire a backup band. I would imagine in that case I would want the band to follow my lead with louds, softs, and cutoffs, so the performance can come out how I envision it. A rock band that is a collective project is probably different though.
  8. Definitely true that you have to create your own way on the business side. The old business models are fading fast and lots more artists are creating their own business and building the own fan bases using all kinds of new strategies. Now this is what companies look for- someone who can do it on their own first.
  9. Something I've noticed this year and last year has been horn sections and saxophone finding their way into a prominent position in popular music. Examples: Taylor Swift's "Shake it Off"- the saxophone in the verses and horn section in the chorus, Mark Ronson/Bruno Mars: "Uptown Funk." On "The Voice" I'm noticing a lot more performances with an actual horn section on stage. I also noticed some trumpets in an underground musician's songs, which can be found by searching "zannamusic" on soundcloud. I being a person who started getting serious about music through playing in the high school band, seeing other real instruments beyond the guitar make their way back to popular music has been refreshing.
  10. Just 1L makes a really good point. The voice AND the songs would come into play. They do also look for a strong work ethic, and a following. I would say continue to develop your own following-; labels love that
  11. I think the level of success you reach has more to do with how positive your thoughts are, which lead to positive beliefs, which lead to positive actions, which lead to positive results. That being said, I have been watching "The Voice" and they seem to favor those who have an original sound to their voice. I would say having a unique voice is definitely a good thing for you and to always consider it a strength, nurture your unique sound. I would also say not to get hung up on it, though, since there are a lot of additional factors involved in aspiring to work with a label
  12. Do you sing, play an instrument or instruments? Singing is my main thing, but I play guitar and piano as well. I started singing formally and playing guitar in 2000, and playing piano in 1992. My mom taught me to play piano, but I took voice lessons from a teacher starting in 2002. Are you in a band or bands? I’m not currently in a band, but I would like to start one in the future. Do you write songs? I write both music and lyrics. I am writing a song with someone right now, but I don’t typically write with a partner, though co-writing with people is something I would like to do more. Do you record your music? I’m recording in a studio right now. I’d like to get some recording equipment though. What I have recorded right now can be found at www.sonicbids.com/teresamae. What other roles do you perform in the music business? For the moment I’m a performing artist. I would like to eventually teach and record as well. Are you a tech head? I wouldn’t consider myself one, but I’m learning more and more every day! What country do you live in? The US of A J What are your ambitions? My goal is to inspire people with music, and tour nationally as a performer. Do you draw/paint/write stories/computer art/dance or other creative pursuit? I like to make fun meals, and have dance parties in my apartment J What would you like to get out of Songstuff? I want to learn about song exercises and things to spark creativity. I’m excited to meet other artists and learn from each other J
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