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  1. Still no critiques from you. Wondering if you ever will contribute to your time here.
  2. There are two schools on that the good school where you use your brain, and the other is Madonna. You can imply and be subtle, or you can act like everyone is 3 years old. Look at the Art Movements, they had their literary counterpart as well.
  3. Welcome. A method for me is to write the theme using other forms of poetry. Adhering to strict rules of any poetic form to build a rhyme scheme, the pacing, or in some cases editing. Pantoum, Sonnet, Villanelle are some of the forms that have repeated lines which is good for hooks, and Haiku for editing purposes in saying more using less. Main thing is have fun, and use lyrics sites to see how professionals from every genre write songs.
  4. Just recently found Happysad of Poland. Yes, they had me at flange lol.
  5. Your generosity will be appreciated. With my exotics, the gopichand ( one string ) and bass dotara ( two strings ) offer up a lot of crazy sounds. Welcome to the site, and have fun.
  6. April reigns, it reigns supreme In the fashion of fleeting monarchs Right before the warm summer dream Waiting for fireflies and their sparks In the fashion of fleeting monarchs Like bonfires in orange and black Waiting for fireflies and their sparks The lilacs, and gardenias take us back Like bonfires in orange and black The lilies, sneak out at night The lilacs, and gardenias take us back As the perennial vibrance, fills our sight The lilies, sneak out at night Right before the summer dream As the perennial vibrance, fills our sight April reigns, it reigns supreme.
  7. You always had groundbreaking artists before the later genre. Little Richard, Jerry Lee Lewis, New York Dolls for Punk, Abba for Disco. Once R & B went Disco, and now with Autotune I miss it. I am finding that despite the horrible opression of the Soviet leadership, a lot of bands created comparable to the time songs that are epic. Kind of shows you how resilient people are. Two of my favorite documentaries about music are “ Afghan Star “ and “ Looking For Sugarman “about the power of music well worth watching.
  8. There’s a razor thin line between Funk and Disco on strumming patterns be careful. Agree though, Disco still sucks lol
  9. Radio Garden is the app I use. Some of my favorite stations. Pink Unicorn in Uzbekistan all things Metal, Vladix 4 Rock in Serbia, Dark Radio in Romania, Total Country Inchicore, Ireland, Antyradio Made in Poland, Christmas stations from everywhere, Mongolia, Greenland, TyeDye Blues and Shawn Nagy’s Oldies L.A. in the USA, Nigeria, and many many more. Free app just have to deal with a few ads now and then. They even have stations dedicated to Kishore Kumar, and Mohammed Rafi.
  10. I haven’t stopped exploring. I took little breaks now and then. With the shortwave radio I discovered John Peel ( should be a national holiday in the UK for him ), and now with the app to pick up those stations I am finding all sorts of cool music. Romania, Croatia, Serbia, Poland, Netherlands, France, even Pidgin English station in Nigeria. After listening to Azra of now Croatia, I want to work my sound to be as influential as theirs was and still is. Bajaga y Instruktori of Serbia, are very comparable to Elvis Costello and the Attractions in building very structured and cool songs. Henk Weingaard and Dutch Trucking music is cool. Have even heard a Czech cover of Air Supply’s “ All Out Of Love “. There’s even a station in Japan that plays video game music. The world is huge get out there.
  11. Most important question : Do you want to make your song to pop or do you want to make your song Pop? It’s one thing to say… ” The stars shine bright, All through the night “ When you could say… “ The ( diamonds, rhinestones, comets etc. ) danced divine, At least until the morning’s time “ Depends on what you are going after. Forced rhymes can be bad, predictable, and boring. Turn clichés on their heads instead of “ watching the grass grow “ why not “ watching the profits grow from grass “, unless you are in a state that doesn’t have legal weed of course then it’s a dealer saying lol.
  12. Anyone else play one? If so what has been and is your experience with them. Got mine at Christmas and still exploring. Thanks for any replies.
  13. Get Radio Garden for your apps. It is a shortwave radio app. A Ska station in UK, Pink Unicorn all Metal station in Uzbekistan, Vladix 4 Serbia, Total Country Ichacore Ireland, plus Pidgin English in Nigeria, even Greenland has a good station. It’s how I found Yugoslavian Rock, Dutch Trucking music, and folk music from everywhere but lean towards Romanian on that. Check out the music alone, from Azra of Croatia very powerful stuff.
  14. Dancing grass reminds me of what we have in the Rocky Mountains in Buffalo Grass. It is tall and used as accents in landscaping from Montana to New Mexico.
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