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  1. Simple Questions Another old project that Im trying to revive. Had it going in the lyrics qritique forum here, 15 years ago or something.
  2. Hey John Im from Norway, and was somewhat active on this site many years ago, trying to learn a little about writing lyrics. Got lots of helpful pointers in here back then, but for maybe 10-15 years lyrics writing and music has been put aside. I recently picked up on it again, as I gained interest again trying to learn a little about making music in fruity loops. Among other projects, I finally was able to make something out of one of my old posts here; Bloodsucker. Im still very much a novice both when it comes to writing lyrics and making music. Anyway; thought it might be fun to post my old Songstuff-projet here now that you present this opportunity (thank you for that).So here are two links: Come on, try it! Is something new Im working on, and Bloodsukcker as described abowe. Cheers!
  3. HI! 99% of my attempted songs never make it beyound 4 lines,so rather than posting here I should probably start a topic on techniques that doesn`t work,to rule things out However,With such a "scorecard"I guess-at one point or another- it was inevitable for me to start asking questions regarding my own abilty.:)Maybe My true talent layed elsvere.. but after concidering curling and other "sports"that doesn`t ecxlude people suffering from a little stronger gravitational pull than most athletes,I decided to try to find patterns and similarityes for the handful of songs that actually made it all the way to what i concidered finished,beeing good or bad not meaning a thing.. And I actually found some similarities,most of them appearing a littlebit to often in the songs faling as well,and had to be concidered"Inconclusive" , like just playing my guitar while sort of daydreaming without anything concrete ideas in mind,feeling relaxed,red wine,not to much mess in my place, and such.. However,one thing caught my attention..With a few ecxeptions,my completed songs tended to start with me coming up with the verse first rather than chorus..I always thought the other way arround was most common..As mentioned I never really plan to write a song,its more of a coincidence when words and chords "fit"I dont know if that might be the reason,but as mentioned some songs starting with chorus was completed,I`m not quite sure why,but for some reason the "verse first"-songs moves smooth from verse to chorus and back to verse,while "chorus first"seem forced somehow.. Anyway;after I found out this,I improved my "success-rate" with about 0%....:)Thing is,Since I just play arround randomly with words and chords,I`m not able to make any real use of my "discoveries".somethimes what I come up with sounds like a verse,sometimes it sounds like a chorus..... So,to put things short:HELP!If anone have thoughts regarding this I would love to hear them.. datsdniv
  4. happy birthday!

  5. datsdniv


    more from Lofoten,Norway
  6. datsdniv


    A few pics from the island where i grew up..
  7. datsdniv


    Hi! Been reading some topics here about hooks.And in a discussion from 2006 Lazz said "Defining it is elusive - but, like a lot of things, we can all recognise it when we hear it.". I searched the net for "one hit wonders" to see if I could find simularities in hooks that had proven to work well.As I began to realize that this was hard also I came across "99 luftballoons"by Nena.I`m not quite sure but I think the lyrics in this song was German,stil it became a hit worldwide... Datsdniv
  8. just wanted to say thanks for taking the time to go so into details on my post:)

    the part with the knife is ment as a metafor for the pain felt waking up from that dream and reality hits.but as you pointed to it seems literally the way it is written.after reading your comment i see that.and as you say it changes the whole song into something its not ment to be..thanks again for taking

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