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  1. Welcome Joe, look forward to hear some of your music.
  2. Welcome! Wow a PhD in piano? Sounds awesome.
  3. Welcome @Tonedead Been checking your stuff on Soundcloud already 😋
  4. Nice to meet you TDM. I just joined around a week ago. Enjoying it so far. Your music style sounds very eclectic, look forward to hearing some of it.
  5. Ah I thought it was supposed to be an instrumental! Do you have a melody worked out already? Well look forward to your next version. Yes good advice here. Have to say I am not the most prolific. I 'released' EP1 in 2016 and EP2 in 2021... Not because I didn't have the songs. But a combo of pretty full-on job, kids and tendency to overmix to death...Trying to got a bit more stripped down for the next one. Will post some work in progress mixes here for sure. Want EP3 done by end of 2022..
  6. Thanks for the kind welcome and checking out my tunes! I really enjoyed your No Title 07062019 on Soundcloud. Get a kind of wonky dreamt vibe, really good. I don't have any YouTube or Spotify yet. Probably Spotify in the future for sure. I'm working my next EP. I want it to sound better than the last ones. That's one of the reasons I'm here.
  7. Many thanks @john and nice to meet you. Glad you like the name. It's taken from a rather excellent Frank Black song.
  8. Ha! That made me laugh 🤣 Thanks for the welcome and nice to meet you. Looking forward to checking out some songs and having a bit of chat.
  9. Hello, I’m a UK based mouse. Been writing songs for many years and sung in a couple bands back in my youth. Been recording on and off for a few years, all home efforts. Much prefer writing tunes to recording which I find quite hard work Am joining Songstuff to listen to others, do some reviewing, find some inspiration and share and get feedback on my own tunes I play guitar and piano not too well but enough to get by. Am looking to discover some tips/know-how on how to get better at drum and guitar rhythms, filling and building up recordings and producing/mixing in general. Have put down a maybe for collaboration. Am big into melody and interested to try my hand at writing lyrics for others. Already happy to be here to come across the Songstuff channel.
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