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  1. How do those weird frets on that new laser cannon feel?
  2. Actually, she's real "bluesy"... nice bottom. Not a shredder at all lol
  3. I just picked up one of these Her name is Gretschen... LOL
  4. Hmmm... Are we talking about an actual keyboard, like a KORG, or a midi keyboard controller? My KORG has settings for the pitch and trem wheels, I've never used a midi controller. However, I would assume there are settings in your DAW for a controller since I can use my keyboard that way if I want. Pitch-bending an existing file for a specified length of time would simply be a matter of automating a pitch bending effect. What exactly are you trying to do?
  5. Midi automation is a pain... I recommend simply recording this keyboard effect on another track. Set your pitch wheel @2 octaves (2 down + 2 up = 4). If you need more than that then pause and overdub
  6. LOL... Well, I doubt we'll ever see another Neil Peart... Huge RUSH fan here! Yeah', your friend's got a great voice
  7. Seems to be slow everywhere... JPF just came back after 10 months off line and can't seem to get anything going either. I blame "Cancel Culture"
  8. I loved her theme song for "No Time To Die"
  9. I've tried that with a little phantom powered cigar mike, but I get way too much bass from the body; and room ambiance from hardwood floors lol... I'm gonna' find a cheap little condenser and experiment
  10. I want to know how you recorded that guitar
  11. I'm an hour-and-a-half south...
  12. Ha! Better than the original bro! Love it
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