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  1. That is why I handle all my sound lineage in 44,1 KHz 16 bits called CD Quality so I have not to downsample on mastering. Higher sample rate is just needed if you handle video for DVD's or other video support. For amateur music imho no need to use very high samplerates.
  2. This is a subject that was suggested in the presentation topic because I was expressing my opinion as an amateur producer to work on so-called CD quality sampling which was for me quite sufficient in quality to release listenable models which returned my first cassettes of 4 tracks at the museum. And what quality are you working on and above all why?
  3. We can discuss in the future about the interest or not to work with so high sampling frequencies. On my side I worked for years now in 44,1 16 bits (Called CD Quality). A sound example is better than words :
  4. Hi, El Diablo Your nickname is a great great record from ZZ Top... We're almost on the same trip, I often do all of my creations from composition to video. Afterwards we played the compos with the musician in my old band. I am now alone to manage all. For videos I mainly use public domain and videos under Creative Common licenses.
  5. Not a clone, my vision of the song. It was a great collab with Kalyke, a german artist with an amazing voice. It was also the first time I recorded with my new Peavey bass.
  6. Welcome Mel, I am a newbie here too, I came few hours before you 😉 Happy to share.
  7. - Animals by Pink Floyd : Pink Floyd's most underrated album, the most punk too. - Deguello by ZZ Top : The Texan trio at their peak before the commercial deluge brought by Eliminator. An inimitable guitar sound. - Unknown Pleasure by Joy Division : A universe difficult to penetrate because the tracks are blurred by medications but then we arrive at pure art. Peter Hook remains one of my reference bassists.
  8. My favorite group at the moment : Wolf Alice (London)
  9. Thank you Peggy. I need few days to read a lot of stuff and to understand the organization.
  10. Thank you for your welcome John. I mainly use Acid Pro and Cool Edit Pro for recording and mixing. My lineage is quite economical because I enter my guitars and basses directly into a modified multi-effects to allow me to use all the amps and bass and guitar effects from the B1Xon and G1on range (firmware modification) and then it goes back to my modest sound card (Behringer UM2) to arrive in the DAW in 44.1 16-bit mono (for technical reasons that I will explain in another post dedicated to the sampling frequency). The drums part is provided by the Hydrogen Drum Machine sequencer which I program according to my needs. The mastering part is done with Cool Edi Pro (now Adobe Audition I think). My artistic intention is to give the impression of a live recording and to draw the listener into my world.
  11. I'm a French amateur musician who was a little fed up with the crowd on French-speaking forums. I'm trying the adventure in the big pool and I hope you will have pity on my English which can sometimes be alien. I also write and do covers with a guideline of doing what I want, I share it, and if someone likes it that's cool. My influences are very varied even if I have a temporal and geographical blockage on England at the end of the 70s and beginning of the 80s with Joy DIvision, New Order, The Cure... On my songs I most often play all the parts overdub. So very happy to exchange and share with music lovers
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