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  1. My feet are tapping in 7/8. Is that normal?

    1. Kel

      That is a little unusual, but nothing to worry about. Perhaps you are unleashing your inner Jazz player! As long as you're not tapping away in 17/32, I wouldn't worry.


  2. How quickly moods can change. Just 3 weeks ago I was really into my up coming gigs, both last week. Then, without any forward planning or warning decided that I was not into doing gigs full stop. Why I don't know. The first one I cancelled by getting in touch with the promoter who was pretty cool about the whole thing and the second, well I got to the gig and the first act on blew the goddam PA preventing anyone else from performing anyway. Divine Intervention me thinks. Someone once told me that when your not into it anymore don't do it. You'll be shortchanging yourself and the audience, whether they are listening or not. Where do I stand now? Well I haven't touched the guitar for a week, the longest single time that I've went without playing guitar in 5 years. I havent written any lyrics or attempted to work in any capacity with my songs, I feel totally deflated and have hardly listened to any music since Saturday passed. I haven't felt like this in many years. I did have a gig planned for November but I don't feel that I can achieve that goal either. It has been decided that I should take a break and go find my mojo as it were then when I'm into it again then come back and kick acoustic ass. Lets hope as I miss the guitar but lets give it some time and see where my moods take me. Off now for a lunch break. Live long and strong
  3. Dang dang a doodle doo backatcha

  4. Indeed I play the zither (very occasionally). It was bought as a gift some time ago and every now and again I sit down and spend a day learning and playing

  5. wow you play the zither? now that's a unique instrument...

  6. Don't get sand in your vaseline
  7. Guys like that I wanna kick their ass and say 'Ow, stop being so bloody talented'. What technique the guy has though
  8. Thanks for saying hello to me. I spend too much time saying hello to myself and lay off the pineapple dude

  9. Hello to you too hehehe. Sometimes I talk to myself you know

  10. Lol traite.... are you implying that you want a comment on your page?

    Well just so you don't feel so lonely... i'll say... HI!

  11. Hello blog Star date dooby dooby doo. So, I sat at work and wrote a song during my lunch break today. Just thought of a nice little melody and crunched some words together and came up with a half finished song in about 15 minutes. Pretty cool eh?. It usually takes me at least a day or so to get a good peice down from brain to paper. How do I write? Words or music first? Well, whatever suits at the time. i play guitar and sing. I gig occasionally and like to throw some wild cards into each gig, more for my own personal entertainment than anything else. Sometimes I like to use the cut up method, similair to the way David Bowie did during the 1970's. Makes for some interesting gigs when you sing 'All hail the Japanese Mushroom Mafia' halfway through a song about a one night stand but I digress. What was I typing about anyway? Well just had to say to someone that I wrote a Song in record time today. Will mess about with it over the weekend and see what comes out of the other end. It's in B minor for the time being but my songs change like the seasons. OK now I'm off to listen to some Townes Van Zandt before I go to bed. Goodnight first blog.
  12. A fellow Scot. Fabby doo.

  13. Never go on stage with projectile diarrhea, unless thats how you sing
  14. Most of my gigs have resulted in some minor disaster or something to cringe over. One gig in a coffee shop in Edinburgh resulted in a 45 minute set with no clapping and between one song I heard someone say quite loudly 'I wish he would shut up, I'm getting a headache'. On the upside I got free coffee and the best roast chicken paninni I've ever had. Getting no reaction is worse than getting a bad reaction in my book. I've been wary of coffee shop gigs ever since. I've also had the string break, string detune, strap snap, dodgy leads, drunk hecklers, drugged hecklers, fighting etc etc etc. I did have one guy who kept shouting for dead kennedy tunes which I don't do as I only do originals. It's all a laugh though and keeps the mundane reality at bay for a short while
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