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  1. I makes it VERY easy to play any song in any key if that is what you are looking for. I know of a lot of people that use it and I know of people that have never heard of it. It is really quite simple to learn if you want to.
  2. I've been using the KRK's also Sound great
  3. Hello Alvin

    Yes I can put music to your songs but I need to be up front on a couple of things.

    I do this as a hobby NOT as a profession. If you are looking to make millions of dollars off of something that we do I probably am not the guy you want. I do this for basically the love of music.

    Sometimes my wife son or daughters help. Sometimes friends.


  4. You may want to consider a Studio Projects B1 also Probably one of the better ones for the price. Great for vocals, acoustic guitar etc. Does require a preamp (48v power) but you won't be sorry. This is for studio work NOT stage. Costs about the same as the Shure SM-57 and/or 58 also. BTW....We call the SM-57 a hammer mike because we have found it to be EXCELLENT for both applications!!!
  5. Don't have AIM or Yahoo!

    Should probably sign up though. I usually just do things through plain old email.

    Mine is dhiser21@roadrunner.com

  6. I understand that family comes first. Do you have AIM instant messenger if you do I am SLIM98281 or the same in yahoo messenger

  7. I've looked over some of your lyrics and they are very good.

    Do you have tunes in mind when you write them or are they written more as poetry?

  8. My main problem is that I am married with 3 children and I do this for fun so if you are looking for something quick I am probably not going to be able to help much. Just want to be up front with that.

  9. Slim

    I would be interested. I am presently working with 2 people from this forum now.

    One is a girl with great lyrics but no tune (that we are having trouble deciding on) and another with a young guy that has a nice song (acoustic version) that needs some arranging and instruments added.

    My main problem is that I am married with 3 children and I do this for f...

  10. Dave are you still interested in doing some co-writing for rock. Most of my stuff is for rock.

  11. Try taking the Shure SM57 and place it at the guitar neck (around the 12 fret or so) with a slight angle towards the sound hole. That should get rid of the problem. You may also want to look into something like a Studio Projects B1 CONDENSER microphone (about $110 on e-bay) if you are going to be recording an acoustic guitar and vocals. SM57 hammers (a roadie thing) are GREAT for micing amps, drums, etc but a condenser mic will give you a whole new experience in recording acoustic guitars and vocals correctly. I suggest the B1 because it is about the same price of a new SM57 and it gets great results at that price. If you want to go crazy (and cost is not an issue - ha ha) I can make some other suggestions. Hope this helps DaveH
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