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  1. Well, I'm glad you used it, shouldnt put a good idea to waste.

  2. Thanks :). We used it as a song name. I might have the lyrics up on here. I'm not sure though.

  3. Flipping a guitar pick XD. I like that. Both of them are great names. Maybe you could use Winter Warfare for an album title?

  4. During our first band practice we were brainstorming names for a couple hours and it came down to Winter Warfare or Pacifists at War and we flipped a guitar pick to decide haha.

  5. How did you come up with the name?

  6. Thanks! glad the irony is appealing haha :)

  7. Hey, I know that someone else said this on the Shoutbox, but I really love your band's name too!

  8. ive tried it both with my pedalboard and alone and it still buzzes. ive been in the same room using the same amp and recording interface as usual. i do have 1 new cable but its quality (monster) so i dont think that would be the problem.
  9. hey, so recently my DS-1 has been buzzing a ton, so much in fact, that my band hasn't been able to record. I need to fix this somehow and fast. the noise gate on garageband cuts it out when I'm not playing but once I start its still really noticable. would getting a noise supressor pedal like the NS-2 help or do I just have to live with this?
  10. so i finally exceeded the limits of my current pedalboard and am looking for a new one. I decided to go for the biggest and best just so I dont have to get a new one very soon. I've almost made a final decision to get the Pedaltrain PT-Pro Pedalboard, what are your opinions on this? http://guitars.musiciansfriend.com/product/Pedaltrain-PTPro-Pedalboard-with-Softshell-Gig-Bag?sku=150583 Also, this does not come with a power supply so I will need to get a new one. However, all the power supplies I can find only power 8 pedals and whats the point of getting a pedalboard this big if only 8 of the pedals can be powered? So i need a power supply that could power all the pedals I would want to put on here. and also I have a digitech whammy pedal which runs on a separate type of plug. Its still 9 volts but its a different amount of watts or amps or something so i would need to be able to power that too. what would you recommend?
  11. hey guys I was hoping you could help me out. I'm recording through a presonus firestudio project interface and into garageband on my mac. I have a 4-channel stereo headphone amp plugged into the headphone output in the interface so that my whole band can hear whats going on. I went into garagebands preferences and set the audio output to the firestudio so we could hear the mix but I'm having a problem with the stereo panning. when you try to pan a track to the left or right it doesnt go left or right, it just gets quieter. I know its not a problem with the headphone amp because when i plug 1 pair of headphones directly into the interface the same thing happens. If I switch back the output in garageband to the system setting the stereo works fine, but i want to be able to use it through my interface. if anyone could help me out that would be so great. thanks a ton.
  12. what do you mean monitor feedback? theres a little button below the input selection that says monitor and you can switch it on and off. it was off, would that be it?
  13. Im recording through a presonus firestudio project and when I record the drums using the stereo 1/2 inputs it works fine but when i record guitar or vocals through mono 3, 4 and 5 the little line in the track in garageband that shows the volume is completely flat. It plays it fine but the volume line doesnt show anything. does anyone know why this is or how i could fix it? thanks.
  14. Hey pacifist... just wanted to say hi... if you have five minutes could you check out my latest lyrics C'est La Vie and/or Side With The Dolphins... i'm needing some comments and criticism, thanks! :)

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