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    lyricist, mellophone player
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    I love jazz. I also enjoy alt rock, screamo, classic rock, and really any artists with unmistakable talent.

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    MUSIC, poetry, painting, pastels, and designing tattoos
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  1. It's cleared up. No need to worry anymore.

  2. Hey, just so you know, JPF banned me because they thought I was a troll, which I am not. If I prove my innocence, maybe even if I don't, they're coming after you next. Just a heads up.

  3. Finally got around to finding you. Laziness=WIN. :L

  4. Trapped in a cocoon of my own faults, But no beautification happens here. Because my muscles tense at the thought of change. My mind screams, "This is the way I always have been, This is the way I always will be." My mind is a labrynth in which I hide my heart. Because the outside world seems like a hovering storm. I am forever terrified, waiting for tornadoes... I am waiting to be carried away. So I solidify myself, Binging iron shackles to my feet, Resisting the waves of change that dare try to tear me free. Change will weaken my defense from the storm. At least that's the delusion that a petrified mind confides in. What if I am false? What if my qualms are fabrications of a quivering caterpiller? Could metamorphasis actually save me? Would wings wisk me away from the storm? My soft body, covered by colorful hairs, Would never be able to out run the storm on such weak legs. Maybe i could ride the storm with wings, Become one with the thing i fear the most, unpredictable change. The sky would be hauntingly gray, tinged with green fury; Groaning sounds of a thundering train. The wind would sweep and creak, attempting to wrench me from my cocoon, and home of leaves And I would just... let go... My fragile magenta wings, tie-dyed with blue violet, Would glide on the procurer of my fears, Unafraid at last. My metamorphasis would break the labrynth of my mind, Causing this little caterpiller to hide, The haunting gray sky, tinged with green fury, Would become my weapon against the world. The alliance between a paralyzing storm, And the defiant butterfly.
  5. Thank you so much!!

  6. Happy Birthday Dani! :)

    Keep writing and take care,


  7. I love this poem. It has a strong tone, but it isnt abrasive. I like how the poem changes topic from time to time, but still flows, and stays reined into the central topic. Good job
  8. What's on your mind? new song

  9. It wasnt even a breakup XD. He broke my heart without even knowing.... Which I think is why it hurt so much. I couldnt blame anyone but myself
  10. Thanks I tend to beat myself up a lot. It's in a lot of my stuff.
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