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    Played the guitar when i was younger, now getting back into it!
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    Dubstep, Adele, Bloc Party, Feeder and Linkin Park. I am really just open to all kinds of music.

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  1. From what I can tell, your voice sounds good, though the audio keeps breaking up-as mentioned before. So nobody will be able to comment on your voice, when referring to this video. It looks to me like you were using a camera to film someone on your computer screen who was using a web camera (not the recommended way to record someones voice) Although I would agree with going to the X- factor in order to learn about yourself, personally I would probably talk to friends and family first. If they approved, and more importantly, if I knew I had a good voice from what they said, then I would try out for an audition. I hope all goes well for you! Will look out for you on the show Good luck!
  2. Visually I can only see one effect, it is very dark and difficult to make out anything but your hands and your guitar. The image also appears quite blurred. I think perhaps if it were lighter, it might look better? not sure if that's what you were intending the video to look like though. I'm not sure if you were asking about the guitar playing as well- I think it is excellent!
  3. Thanks for the answer! I took far too long to answer this- didn't notice the Comment. Only just noticed how long ago you had answered too . I have been using Nylon strings with my guitar. Although my dad- gave me the guitar- used steel strings before, so I am now thinking of changing back. I have a guitar tuner now, which is great, it is supposed to be used for an electric guitar ( since the width of the neck is too large on my acoustic guitar). Thankyou quadrant5 for helping If anyone else has any questions or advice related to this topic, leave a post! and
  4. Hi Iain, thanks for the add!

  5. IainSanford


  6. please, check out this blog if you are interested in finding out how to re-string a guitar
  7. IainSanford

    This Isn't Home

    I like the lyrics great job on the song Summer!
  8. Hello, How are you doing, I'm Iain and like many others I appreciate music. I just started learning an amazing instrument, the guitar, and I want to share my journey with you. I've realized the more I listen to music the more I want to become involved! If you are curious to find out some basics about restringing and tuning the guitar, stick around So, today I made a decision to find out how I could re-string my guitar- since both my E strings have snapped, and all the other strings are so old they will break sometime soon. The two questions i first asked myself was :- how often should I have to re-string my guitar? and how do I re-string the guitar properly to prevent the strings from breaking so frequently? I've learnt how to re-string the guitar now, thanks to some help from a friend. First Step- Unwind the tuners, until the string becomes very loose. Second Step- Just pull out the string from the guitar machine head Third Step- The string at the guitar bridge, on my guitar, goes through a hole in the bridge and is then looped around itself three times or more. Once the string is loose enough, you can de-loop the string and pull it out from the hole.So now you have taken off the string. Fourth Step- Make sure that the new string is the same gauge as your broken/old string, (unless you are trying to change the note you will play on purpose). Put one end of the string through the hole in the bridge of the guitar, and then loop the string at least three times around itself. Fifth Step- Put the open end of the string in the empty machine head twice, entering from the same side each time. Sixth Step- Tighten the string till you are able to play the note properly, and you are finished So does anybody have any idea how often I should re-string my guitar, to keep them from getting too old? After reading this post I found a useful article on the subject, check this link to learn more on how to re-string a guitar. If you are learning the guitar as well,we can keep up on how each other are doing or help each other, you can mail me through PM, thanks!
  9. Painting my mums bathroom, while listening to paolo nutini! :)

  10. IainSanford


    Hey people, I have been thinking for a while about whether or not it is better to play with a pick or to just use my hands? and also whether or not it makes a difference in what kind of strings i use for playing if i use a pick or not?
  11. I've been listening to U2 so much today, don't regret it though :)

  12. hi Just thought i'd create a blog to capture all my thoughts on how to improve. I've been thinking about how to start playing the guitar. i would like to achieve a high standard of singing as well. I like the idea of being able to do both at the same time however, I have realised that you need to be able to do both separately before trying to combine the skills. I have also become interested in learning how to write my own lyrics, since most of the singers and songwriters i admire seem write their own stuff. Not quite sure where to start on that though... I have started to browse through peoples YouTube chanels, mainly SongStuff artists, and admire how far they have reached. It seems to me that this site is more likely to help me than most others, to achieve a better understanding of how to improve my skills. Thanks to seeing some of the profiles, I have a better understanding of what kind of artist i want to be!
  13. Think i will need to get some more photos up!

  14. Songstuff Collaboration Competition 2011 - Songwriting and Music Forum http://t.co/hhzTUBw via @invisionps

  15. Also, will need to get some new guitar strings me thinks!

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