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  1. Cheers all. sorry about my lack of onliness recently. I have been moving house. and had no internet either. this scenario should brighten within the week.

  2. Happy Birthday!

  3. Hi Johnny, work is a bit manic at the moment but I have Thursday & Friday off so I'll be in touch then (Thursday morning) and send you a link with the track where you can hear all the parts etc. Sorry just incredibly busy right now but we will get to it. I basically want you to copy what I've done but put your own twist on it. Will explain more tomorrow.

  4. Had a look at the first suggested lyric on your blog, easy to read and gauge, if it makes it easier for the melody. I can sight sing, so if you draw me a graph, or sing it yourself even I can just copy things

  5. 'Armageddon Avenue' is another possible as well plus a number of others that don't appear on the site.

  6. Have a look at the lyrics for 'Don't Dress Your Children in Flags' - on my blog pages. Looking for a hard edge (but not over the top) type vocal for this - somewhere between Dylan & Springsteen. Will post a (very)rough demo tonight. Got to go to the office now. Chat soon.

  7. Johnny I am going to be tied up today - will give you a shout this evening

  8. I see on your profile that you would be interested in a collaboration. I have a track that I think will suit your voice and a very rough mix (thrown together very quickly). Interested?

  9. Ok, I have tried and failed at this project before, And really by now I should go get some decent sound equipment, but I really haven't found anything within the limit budget I have to spend. I'm talking maybe £30- £40 a month disposable here, so over a 12month period I would like to develop some decent sound recording systems. So far I own: 1x microphone usb. 1x microphone usb to jack- jack 1x mixer four channel 1x playstation 3 1x laptop 5usb ports 1x playstation 3 eyetoy camera and microphone 1x guitar Many various unsorted usb cables and jacks. My list was bigger, but I got burgled four months ago and lost pretty much everything but the acoustic. I don't even know where to start anymore, I have mixcraft still, and I can still plug the mic into the laptop, but I have no idea on video/sound recording software.
  10. I don't know if anyone else would recommend this method, but I usually drink salt water then sing more, I find that the salt water just a little smooths over the inflamed area easing it somewhat, and doesn't coat it like other throat aids will, and then recording a song or two, just a little light practice nothing serious, and bit by bit, my voice is normally back within a few days.
  11. I'll be honest, and please don't be offended. (I have an unfortunate way of offending without meaning) But yeah, All considered: quality etc. It sounded like you were talking more than singing in parts. not in all, in parts. was there a female singer or was that you? if it was someone else, it did not compliment you. And the song as a whole lost time in parts. As for the good parts. There are non. I'm joking. Your vocals were uplifting, I don't mean the song was up beat, but vocally you sound the opposite of a blues singer if that makes sense. Overall the quality was a let down, but its better with headphones, and I listened a second time. After a minute and a half through the whole thing gets vastly improved. But the topic is about vocals and not music, so focus around that. Record it again?
  12. If you can't sing the range the song is in. change the key
  13. Wow, reading how other people write is pretty deep stuff man.... Myself: I kinda, sit down in a quiet room, have a coffee, set up the writing implements, and then start with a title, the title always reflects what I want the whole picture to be about. then I always hear music in my head, Not music already written either, I'll heard the drums, bass, guitar clearly, and then start singing over it, The music is like I'm in control also, So if I want to go back and sing over that bit a few times, I can. The only downside to having this skill, is I can always remember the vocal melody's, and I remember the music for about a day after, But when I get to my guitar or keyboard, I just can't find the sound, Or get the chords right. Thats why I'm learning as many scales and chords as possible now. Sometimes I have these amazing sounds in my dreams, I have dreamt up amazing music, I wish I can make it one day lmao....
  14. Which file sharing site would you recommend? I used esnips way back yonder, but i cant remember my sign in details. I could always register again if need be though.
  15. I downloaded and tried the software to no avail I'm afraid, it converts but no matter the option I select they seem to come out mp4 again, just with a more compressed file size. I'm at a loss with how to edit these damn ps3 files. I think I may just invest in a handycam or something.
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