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  1. Don't know if this helps but I tend to 'push' the string up.
  2. Sixto Rodriguez Robert Plant Steve Walsh Bob Dylan Bruce Springsteen Eva Cassidy Roberta Flack Bob Marley Shawn Philips (check out Second Contribution) Toni Childs Art Garfunkel Cat Stevens Michael Stipe David Bowie Mike Scott Edith Piaff Christopher Cross
  3. Hi Johnny, work is a bit manic at the moment but I have Thursday & Friday off so I'll be in touch then (Thursday morning) and send you a link with the track where you can hear all the parts etc. Sorry just incredibly busy right now but we will get to it. I basically want you to copy what I've done but put your own twist on it. Will explain more tomorrow.

  4. 'Armageddon Avenue' is another possible as well plus a number of others that don't appear on the site.

  5. Have a look at the lyrics for 'Don't Dress Your Children in Flags' - on my blog pages. Looking for a hard edge (but not over the top) type vocal for this - somewhere between Dylan & Springsteen. Will post a (very)rough demo tonight. Got to go to the office now. Chat soon.

  6. Johnny I am going to be tied up today - will give you a shout this evening

  7. You CAN bend more than one semitone. Although it tends to be on the G,B or E strings. Thinnest ones. As for the other point with sustain pedals these days you can make the note go on forever. But I think anything over 3 or 4 seconds just does not sound natural. It is VERY difficult to emulate a guitar via midi. Keys are fine. String instruments are a different game altogether.
  8. Listened to 'Angel' - like it!

  9. I see on your profile that you would be interested in a collaboration. I have a track that I think will suit your voice and a very rough mix (thrown together very quickly). Interested?

  10. I create drum parts using Superior Drummer or Artist Drums. After I have the basic idea down it goes off to a guy called Marc Norgaard in Baltimore who adds his twist to it. I am always surprised to see how he interprets the tracks - he always comes up with something original to add to the track. A very creative guy. Used to play drums many moons ago. My Keith Moon period! Watch the second half of this clip (or even the whole thing) - this is a real drummer. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HbWFIS6ma_k
  11. I've had to do exactly that... There's a drum replacement program called Drumagog that is pretty good for it. Even in the Demo version, it gives you a decent kick drum sound.
  12. Got the second CD Today Finn - thx - will give it a listen over the weekend.

  13. Don't know if you picked up my last message or not. Was looking to but a copy of Serendipity as well. Looking for a hard copy (CD).

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