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  1. Song is a popular art and must be easily memorable by auditors. If your chorus is really strong, no needs having another one...
  2. Hello, Starting by music or lyrics does not really matter. The impotant thing is the quality of each.. They have to go well together in terms of rhythm, range, mood etc... In many cases, the melody and harmony will match the lyric meaning.. Technically speaking, For example, you should avoid sound "ee" in the high register of the voice..These are little tips you learn with experience. Otherwise, there are no rules concerning the inspiration ..express your own feelings !
  3. Hi baloo, To me, the most important things are melody and lyrics. Then comes the harmonization, modulations, the structure of the wole song, and lastly the orchestration.
  4. Here are free video tutos about chord classification, chord enrichment and chord in arranging enjoy !
  5. Hi noob, Music theory is not necessary for inspiration. But after inspiration comes the real work : structure, harmony, modulations, arranging, orchestration... In this case music theory could help you understand what you are doing, and helps you going faster into your project. Duke ellington used to say : if it sounds good...it's good. So trust your ear.
  6. Welcome to the forums vivies :)

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